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Monday, 30 November 2015

Supreme Photographer Connection

Good evening. In between our series of Mozzer style countdowns (as I'm reliably informed, the next one is already in the making), I thought it would be nice to entertain everyone with another flimsy-or-not-so-flimsy coincidence. Actually I just came across it today and have nothing better to do.

While checking the cesspool for news about the Brazil show, I somehow slipped with my mouse and accidentally clicked on another main page article, covering the latest TTY picture that we've been treated with:

Some anonymous crèche person then posted a picture of Neil Young, wearing the same Supreme t-shirt:

Anon crèche guy also pointed out that the picture was part of an ad campaign for Supreme, shot by photographer Terry Richardson:

My memory might be shocking, but I do remember that a certain Fake Moz informed us in chat a couple of months ago that we should watch out for a picture taken by Terry Richardson. This is not exactly what we were expecting, but it's definitely another SIGN. Talking of which, seems like Monsieur Richardson loves taking pictures of... SIGNS, as you can see on his page Incidentally, yesterday he posted one that includes the word "ROSE":

So I wonder - is Sir Richardson acquainted with a certain photography fan in the Moz clan?

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

THREE montages

Morrissey replicates the face of Lil from Twin Peaks:
Morrissey replicates the face of Elvis:

Now, on Sam Esty Rayner​'s Istragram, Facebook and Twitter accounts 
and also on TTY (where it is totally unrelated to the content), 
there's this:

Icons alike