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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Les coïncidences de L'Orange à Visalia

Yes, there's been a few. Who would've guessed!

First, I had the following Twitter conversation with Mlle Marianne yesterday:

Shiny sh*rt: Check.

Oboe: Check.

Now these weren't really difficult to guess... It was the last show of the US tour, and Le Monsieur has worn the Quality Street wrappers (I REFUSE to call them "shirts"!) on special occasions before. And Oboe had been sound checked for ages, so it was also not so far-fetched to assume he'd sing it at some point.

BUT. Of course there's more! Right after Oboe Concerto ("There's a song I can't stand, and it's stuck in my head..."), he sang what I would call a rather odd cover - a country song called "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way" by a Monsieur called Waylon Jennings. I've never heard of him, but then again all I know about Country Music is that it annoys me enough to instantly hop away when I hear it. Yes yes yes, Johnny Cash deserves respect, but I digress. So here's a video of Jenning's Hank, sung by The Moz:

Hmmm! Just a couple of days after I had published my TWo Peaks parody, of course Twin Peaks was still drifting around in my mind. Not enough though to notice the coincidence, but thankfully, Mlle Jaz is a bit more conscious and reminded me that there's a Twin Peaks character called... Hank Jennings! Professional criminal and sleazebag  - here chewing on his talisman, a domino with... a double 3:

To be honest, that BBC Culture Show ferret always reminded me of him:

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether Fruit is talking bollocks again or not, but I'm certainly fas-ci-na-ted. And now off to watch the Visalia show in full, as Monsieur baby j was again so kind to attend, film, and upload:

Morrissey - Visalia, California. 29th August 2015

What a fabulous setlist last night I hope that at least some of these songs are included at the Plymouth concert, especially Oboe Concerto, which is one of my

Alma Matters
Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed
Oboe Concerto
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way ?   
Kiss Me A Lot
Staircase At The University
I'm Not a Man
The Bullfighter Dies
World Peace Is None of Your Business  
People Are The Same Everywhere
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before   
Yes I Am Blind
Meat Is Murder
I Will See You In Far Off Places
What She Said
Everyday Is Like Sunday
First of The Gang To Die                                              

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Morrissey turns down Trinity College Award - The FTP predictions

Since Mlle Boozey feels no shame to blog about the flimsiest of flimsy coincidences, I shall do the same.

In the FTP parody "The 'Other' Pessoas", published on July 19, OM states at some point:

OM: Get on with this you f***ing miserable oaf. I've got my gruelling US tour to finish, as well as that b**tard extra UK date to book in before Hull, and this s**ding award to turn down.

US tour finished: Check
Extra UK date before Hull: Check
Award turned down: Check

All three came true, and the parody was published long before any of those three things were public knowledge. Regardless if I'm reporting on a 'sign' or a genuine coincidence, it makes me wonder who's behind FTP?

TWo Peaks

The scene is a forest glade, deep in the woods. OM, Boz, Broken, Sheriff Harry Truman, Lucy Moran and Log Lady are sat around a green table, which perfectly matches the colour of a Parisian tea pot in the centre, while the rest of the table is occupied by large piles of doughnuts. To the left, Alf and Astraea share a luxurious chaise longue, sipping their G&T and Perrier, while Banjaxer, Rat, Loughton Lil and GWO are sat on a bench to the right. Special Agent Cooper is stood next to an old-fashioned blackboard, and in the distance, a skinny man hides behind a bush. 

Agent Cooper (holding a damn hot cup of coffee): Before we begin with today's meeting, I would like to introduce you all to a couple of countries... (turning the blackboard that now displays some maps)... named Brazil, Bahrain, Egypt, and Ukraine. You ought to know, there's so many people...

Log Lady (interrupting with a voice that tolerates no dissent): FIRST WE'LL HAVE TEA. OM?

OM obediently and slightly intimidated serves tea for everyone at the table, under the bemused looks of Alf and Astraea. Boz's hand stretches out to grab a doughnut, but hastily draws back as he catches Log Lady's eye.

Agent Cooper: Thank you all for coming. As you all know, we have gathered here to investigate the murder of MorrisseysWorld. Harry, would you please introduce all the characters and briefly sum up their role in MW. Lucy, please write all the names that Sheriff Truman calls on this board.

Sheriff Truman: Sure, Coop.

Lucy dutifully jumps up and scurries over to the blackboard.

Lucy: Agent Cooper? Shall I write the names one after the other, separated by a comma or a semicolon, or one below the other? You see if I write them in a row, there might not be enough space for all names to fit in one line, but if I ...

Agent Cooper (interrupting): One below the other, Lucy. Thank you.

Sheriff Truman walks around the scenery while introducing everyone.

Sheriff Truman: So, here's OM - mysterious head of MorrisseysWorld and alleged founder of Blue Rose Society. Boz - seminal guitariste and drag model. Broken - Boy Belieber and professional c**t. Over here (walks over to the chaise longue) we have Alf - seminal artiste, mesmerising Twotter poet and Northern style icon, and Astraea - full time Star Maiden and lover of legs.

Lucy (struggling to keep up): Sheriff Truman, was that first Boz and then Broken or first Broken and then...

Agent Cooper: It's alright Lucy. Just write the names down in any order.

Sheriff Truman (walking over to the bench on the right): And here we have Banjaxer, who once wrote an article about MorrisseysWorld...

Banjaxer: The one that John Robb the c**t never paid me for!

OM (barking): That one was utter sh*te anyway, I cringed when I read it. Told good old John R. to take it down immediately, which is probably why he never bothered to pay you!

Banjaxer growls angrily and goes back to deleting his tweets from the night before.

Sheriff Truman: ... and Rat, chronicler and self-proclaimed umbilical chord of the Mozziah...

Rat: Yes, yes. I stumbled upon the MorrisseysWorld blog in 2011, and I approached it with both excitement and a positive and open mind.

Log Lady spits out the pitch gum she was chewing.

Sheriff Truman: ... and these are Loughton Lil and GWO, loyal followers of MW and long time buddies of the Rat.

GWO (side glancing at Rat): I might reconsider that, the old rodent still owes me some dough for that pizza in Bournemouth.

All of a sudden, a portal opens and out jumps Special Agent Albert Rosenfield, with a face that displays both pity and disgust as he looks around the scene, but lightens up when he spots Agent Cooper.

Albert: Coop! As you already suspected, the traces that were left by those countless fake accounts were all red herrings, but once the local morgue idiots where done with the corpse, they were so kind to let me do my work without interfering. Look what I've found under the victim's fingernail! Left middle finger.

Alf: My fingernails collect the world's problems...

Albert, ignoring Alf, walks over to Cooper to present his evidence.

Agent Cooper (inspects the little plastic bag and looks up with a bright smile): Albert, this is amazing.

Everyone's eyes are now fixed on Cooper, with the facial expressions ranging between clueless question marks, sceptic curiosity, and uncomfortable foreboding.

Sheriff Truman: What is it Coop? What has Albert found?

Albert (with sardonic smile): Look, Coop. It speaks.

Before Sheriff Truman has the chance to let his knuckles speak to Albert's chin, Albert jumps back into the portal.

Agent Cooper: Harry, this is a breakthrough! The murderer has left a letter. I assume he's spelling his name!

Sheriff Truman: Which letter is it??

Agent Cooper: It's a B. Lucy, please underline all names on that board that start with a B!

Lucy diligently goes through the list and carefully underlines all the respective names. Alf and Astraea simultaneously lift an eyebrow while gazing at Broken, the Rat and the Rat's pack stare suspiciously at Banjaxer, while OM is looking daggers at Boz. Log Lady strokes her log.

OM: Boz you utter c**t! What is the meaning of this? Have you made up pessoas to drive people away from MW? Is it really just because I crossed your precious greasy falafels off the rider? If this turns out to be true, my new MD will be called Mando, you b*****d.

Boz (looking shocked): But Sire! Sire! I'd never! I... I... I don't even know what a pissoa is! And I'm really glad that you crossed those falafels off the rider, Lyn is very pleased that I almost fit into that fabulous dress again that she bought me for my 50th. You see, we need to keep an eye on that bank account, we're still recovering from all those extra costs I had to pay in the past two years, booking hotels and flights without travel cancellation insurance...

OM (with narrowed eyes): Are you being disrespectful, Boz?

Boz shakes his head so hard that his cheeks flap a bit.

Alf (whispering to Astraea): So it was the Broken Boy Belieber. One isn't surprised at all, there has always been something very odd about the c**t.

Astraea nods knowingly and opens her mouth to reply, but no sound leaves her throat as she spots a skinny man in shorts, approaching from the distance. For a second her eyes widen as does her mouth, then she turns away in utter disgust.

Astraea (choking): Never in my life have my eyes been confronted with such HIDEOUS legs. Alf my dear, please be so kind and hand me my calendar of BB legs immediately!

Alf, with compassionate countenance, gets the calendar out of his stylish man bag, and Astraea instantly hides behind it, still choking. The rest of the group watches the skinny man with bewilderment, as he slowly comes closer.

Sheriff Truman (tilting his head): What on earth IS that? Is he dancing?

Agent Cooper (tilting his head in the same direction): It would seem so. I think he's even singing.

The skinny man has now reached the group and dances backwards in pirouettes around them.

Log Lady (with a face that could make OM sing Golden Lights as standard opener for the rest of his days): THE FISH DON'T SING TONIGHT.

Skinny Man (squealing): ...kcuf gnikcuF

Lucy, with her mouth slightly open, tilts her head by almost 90°, like dogs do when they try to understand human.

Skinny Man (squawking): ...stiwkcuf ytekcuf ouy ffo kcuF

Alf (now choking too): Astra, darling, please would you hand me my ear plugs? I do not want to hear anything!

From behind the BB calendar, a hand appears with Alf's ear plugs, who swiftly rams them in, then knocks down his G&T and sinks back with a relieved sigh.

OM: What is this gh*stly noise? Boz. BOZ! Bring me my microphone this instance!

Boz tromps away with astonishing legerity to get OM's mic, and OM starts singing an a capella selection of his latest millenium masterpiece on the top of his lungs. In the distance, a number of audience members appears, attracted by OM's sonorous bell-like baritone, but as they approach, they instantly turn away in terror as the skinny man's voice transforms from piercing shrieks to chain saw.

Skinny Man (screeching): ...sdratkcuf ytekcuf gnikcuf uoy erom emos ffo kcuf won dnA

As soon as all audience members are scared away, he slowly dances back to his bush with a complacent smile, accompanied by gasps of relief from the slightly benumbed group. While everyone still recovers, another portal opens and out stumbles Agent Rosenfield again.

Albert (confused): You're all still sitting here? Anyway. Coop! I can't believe it took me a whole week to discover this, but we've found another letter, right thumb this time. It's an R!

Everyone looks around, confused. Log Lady's log starts twitching.

Lucy: Agent Cooper, as the murderer spells his name as you said, should I just underline those names that begin with an R, or all those whose names contain an R? So, that would be Broken, Astraea, Rat, and Banjaxer? But there is no B in Astraea or Rat, so just Broken and Banjaxer?

Agent Cooper (deep in thoughts): Yes, yes, Lucy.

Lucy: Should I underline those names with a solid or a dashed line? Because those names don't begin with an R, just...

Agent Cooper (snapping his finger): No Lucy, wait. My intuitive Tibetan techniques tell me that we're barking up the wrong Douglas fir. R is not amongst us now.

OM: Of course he's not! R is my incapable secretary! But you cannot possibly imply that he'd be responsible for MW's murder, the utter c**t can't even spell correctly.

Sheriff Truman rubs his jaw, then shakes his head.

Sheriff Truman: Coop, I give up. All these traces lead us nowhere.

Broken: And how would a mentally deficient provincial such as your pityful self possibly solve this riddle? I have an IQ of 170! The case is clear, we have a B and an R. It was Banjaxer! You can arrest the c**t, Coops. It can only be him, as his name is the only one that starts with a B and ends on an R.

Banjaxer: As does Bieber's name! You want to arrest him too now?

Broken is about to answer back, but instead leans back, suddenly lost in thoughts, with increasingly glossy eyes.

Boz (nervous): There's no proof that the murderer left the first and the last letter of his name! It... it could be... his initials instead! Or... (heavily thinking)... it's just as Agent Cooper Sir said before, he's spelling his name! B.. R.. It was Broken all along!

Boz, looking very proud to have figured that out, points hectically at Broken, who is still too lost in his fantasies of Bieber in handcuffs to even notice. OM stares at Boz with even narrower eyes than usual, but gets interrupted by Log Lady before he can tell him off.


Agent Cooper (with stony face): Margaret, what has your log seen?

Log Lady: ASK IT.

Cooper, with an even stonier face, looks at the log that's resting in Margaret's arms, and while he's trying to figure out a way out of this situation, the portal opens again.

Albert (ignoring his confusion as to why the whole group is still sitting there after three weeks): Coop! You won't believe it, but we found a third letter! It was well hidden where nobody would've suspected it...

Agent Cooper: Which finger this time, Albert?

Albert: No finger! That's why it took us so long to find it. It was under a toe nail! Left little toe.

Albert hands the small plastic bag with the letter over to Cooper who inspects it carefully, under the impatient looks of Sheriff Truman.

Agent Cooper: Holy smoke! It's a T!

Boz, after carefully double-checking his ID, comes to the conclusion that nobody would suspect him any longer now, and can finally concentrate on the still untouched piles of doughnuts on the table, accompanied by Banjaxer. Lucy eagerly goes through the list on the blackboard, but finds no name that starts with a T, and looks at Sheriff Truman, seeking for help. The group on the bench to the right looks slightly uneasy, while Alf and Astra yawn into their drinks.

Sheriff Truman: Coop, I'm sorry but I'm completely lost now.

Agent Cooper: Harry, this case looks far more complicated than we thought. I think what we need now is some stones and empty bottles for me to perform my subconsciously gained technique, where mind and body work hand in hand to...

Broken (who can't restrain himself any longer): You set of illiterate c**ts! Don't you see it? It was RAT!

Rat, looking even more uncomfortable now, jumps up to make an attempt to defend himself, but is interrupted by a sudden bang as Log Lady's log self-combusts.

Lucy (assiduously): But Mr. Broken, there is no B in RAT, just an A, and A comes before B in the alphabet...

Broken (with an eyeroll that would make OM jealous): Shut up you st*pid little cretin, I wasn't aware that poodles can speak!

Rat (getting himself together): You cannot possibly be serious! I am the KEEPER of the flame! For years and years I've done my best to spread the word, I scanned Twitter for HOURS to look for members of OM's audience to badger them into bringing a BLUE ROSE to his shows, and I blogged AND blogged AND blogged my heart out! (looking shifty now) There's only one person who would be capable of this most iniquitous deed, it is from this moment onwards the GENERAL consensus that it was that s*dding b*st*rd BoReTenzi! He EVEN had a motive, I have it on GOOD authority that he's a bitter c**t who also stole the morrisseysworld.blogspot address. A certain MYSTERIOUS person that I'm NOT permitted to mention left an according message in the Twit Arms LOO, which I'm NOT permitted to quote. But I shall blog about it right now.

Rat, looking content about how well he managed to sneak out of the situation, but with an annoyed side glance at Broken, walks back to the bench, under the frenetic applause of Loughton Lil and GWO.

Rat (turning to them with encouraging enthusiasm): You get it, you just get it!

OM (suspiciously): Thank you, old Ratbags... (straightening himself up) Broken, how did you get that ridiculous idea that it was the Rat who killed MW? Explain yourself at once!

Broken: Do I really have to spell it out for you, you d*ft blockheads? T, R, B. The. Rats. Back.

Broken, fully aware of the bomb he just dropped, leans back to watch the following outrage with grim satisfaction.

OM (fuming): RODENT! How dare you!

Rat (shaking): But OM, it was YOU who instructed me to behave like a bitchy little c**t to keep the group small! I just did what I was told! And you said it would impress Morrissey if I treat people like sh*t!

Alf covers his head with his hands, almost in tears, accompanied by loud snorts from behind the BB calendar.

Lucy (who had enough now): You despicable little creature! I see very clearly how you do it! You libel and abuse people and call them names like Bitchy Barney and Bitter Billy only to get a reaction from them, and...


Lucy (gets really agitated): ...and when they defend themselves then you censor them and block them and complain that they were so mean to you! You talk a lot ABOUT people, but never WITH them! It's the simplest and cheapest of all tricks!

Lucy needs a moment to catch her breath, which OM uses to interrupt her outburst with his own tirade.

OM: That does it! You st*pid f***ing sorry excuse for an imbecile! I ordered you to behave like a c**t to see if you WOULD behave like a c**t! And you certainly didn't disappoint!! Have you ever wondered why that promised new MW parody never surfaced? Has ANY of your poor little fools ever wondered!?

Rat (between fury and terror): I NEED my poor little fools, I'm nothing without them! And what a pleasure it was to punish the DREARY agitators! How much I ENJOYED creating conflict after conflict with my LUDICROUS imputations! And that rush of POWER I felt each time when I deleted their comments! Please OM, I feed on their distress! I need it! Just as much as the fawning! (looking slightly insane now) Blue Rose is MINE, MINE, MINE! They must all bring roses in MY honour, JUST as I asked them to!!

Rat, heavily breathing and with froth at his mouth, looks around, but all he notices are deafening silence and perplexed faces.

Sheriff Truman: I'd say this case is closed then.

The Sheriff walks over to Rat to take him under arrest.

Broken (patting the rodent's back as he's taken away): Don't worry, old furry friend. The Blue Rose Society IS YOUR society after all. Those TWoM b*****s won't get just one more flimsy sign to report on, I bet they're all homophobic tw*ts anyway. You got that Alf? Alf?

Broken looks over to the chaise longue, but finds it empty.

Sheriff Truman: Who would've imagined that it was the rodent all along, this is...

Agent Cooper (lifting his hand): Wait, Harry. Something's not right here.

Albert: What's that awful smell?


The wind freshens abruptly, lifts up the greenery, and lets it dance in tiny tornados around the group of characters, who, under the bewildered looks of the investigators, suddenly blend into each other.

Alfstraea: One cannot continue without pictures of BB, bring me songs of BB, BB, BB...

Bralf: Pink boots are made for running...

Ratbro: Beliebe, beliebe, beliebe, because we must, because you must...

Astrat: Three little rats, three blind mice! Dance with me, dance with me, somebody dance with me...

An owl cries in the distance. OM breaks out in hysterical laughter.


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Morrissey's novel

With thanks to True To You
22 August 2015

Morrissey's novel

Morrissey's first novel, List of the Lost, will be published by Penguin Books (UK) at the end of September. The book will be issued in softcover/paperback as a New Fiction title, and comes almost two years after Morrissey's very successful Autobiography publication of October 2013.
Penguin Books will confirm an on sale date within this coming week. List of the Lost will be available in the UK, Ireland, Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa.

I am so excited to discover that the rumoured novel is ready for publication. It has been too long since Autobiography. The day it was published I was standing outside my local Waterstone's waiting for them to open. The sales assistant had to go to the store room and returned wheeling a trolley with crates of the book. I was shocked that they hadn't bothered to set up a display !!

I was thrilled and proud to buy the first copy and left the shop as the assistant put copies on display on a plinth at the entrance to the store. For those who cannot wait there is a ' spoiler ' elsewhere about the new novel content.

Time will tell if it is accurate.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

THRee M on Larry King

While I'm still recovering from being tossed around by El Monsieur at James Corden's Late Late Show, the next set of 'signs' has now surfaced, as the Larry King interview was published yesterday:

I wasn't paying close attention to any 'coincidences', as I didn't really expect any, and it was far too thrilling to finally see a long televised interview with Sir Mozzer again, but I couldn't help giggling at his answer to the question "what he does to prepare himself in the last 5-10 minutes before going on stage" (18 min 30 sec). Here's what he said:

"Nothing, ever... nothing. No yodelling, no alcohol, no gargling, no JUGGLING..."

Seems like he changed his mind on that very quickly! Or Monsieur was just lying, as he finds it very useful.

But moving on from that and now coming to the title of this blog entry - one of those three M was there in person, coincidentally being the interviewee, but two more M were present for anyone who looked closely - not me of course, but luckily there are others whose attention span isn't as limited. It was mentioned once that the TWoM blog was basically set up by Orange M. and Kerry M. (which in my deluded opinion spawned the TTY statement titled "4 Morrissey" the next day), and it was first noticed by Jaz that at 3 min 50 sec, after talking about "boos", he seems to get aware that it's a homophone of "booze", and makes a drinking gesture while his lips form "Boozey", which, as some of you might know, is our favourite (and completely undeserved) nickname for Mlle Kerry. Here's a screen grab:

The presence of the other M was noticed by Sarah Munro on Twitter, and you can imagine that this old Fruit almost suffered a stroke - look at his watch, visible at around 4 min 10 sec:

Right, I'll go back to fanning myself.

Some might argue that it's ridiculous to turn it into a sign each time when Monsieur appears with something orange, which might coincidentally happen on occasion, and I'm not even disagreeing... But it wasn't just a bracelet, it was a wristwatch, and I'm a Clockwork Orange after all. And although he was juggling only two Oranges, there was a THIRD one visible. I've blogged about flimsier signs before!

Speaking of which - and going back to the Green Room at James Corden again - has anyone else noticed that the flowers on the table appear to be roses?

They're PINK - but does it mean anything? Who knows!

Monday, 17 August 2015

It could never happen

Other than the ongoing, years-long Essendon Football Club doping saga and the fact that Australia really did win The Ashes in 2015 , the other big news in Oz right now is this:

"It was claimed that the parody Twitter account @RealMarkLatham is actually run by Mark Latham himself due to the similar language used in the Tweets and Mr Latham's columns."

Now, Mr Latham is a former Labor Party Leader of Her Majesty's [sic] Opposition and quite an odd and controversial character. He's been writing newspaper columns since leaving formal politics for years. I can't comment on their content, having never bothered to read any, but he's been in hot water recently over comments he made about a high-profile transgender person. 

Apparently, some big advertisers started to complain, so a little effort and research has been put into discovering the author of @RealMarkLatham. The fact that Cate McGregor (some of you may know of her previous life as the cricket commentator Malcolm McGregor) is a high-ranking member of the Australian Defence Force and a friend of the Australian Prime Minister may have had something to do with it, too.

"Buzzfeed says it has established that the Twitter account is linked to an email connected with Mark Latham."

So, what was the response of @RealMarkLatham? Deny everything (in a colourful manner):

"What makes the circumstances even more confusing is that the author of the Twitter account has been posting bizarre messages denying it is linked to Latham, ever since an article first claiming the link was published on Saturday."

I suppose the lesson is this: chOOse your enemies if you're a famous person who has a "fake" (self) parody Twitter account.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Q/A with Morrissey

Good evening. We're most delighted and very proud that Morrissey has agreed to a Q/A session on our blog. This is your chance to ask whatever you always wanted to know about the living icon, singing modern day Oscar Wilde, and legendary poet that we all know as Moz.

This is how it works:

  • All questions must be posted ANONYMOUSLY in the comment section of this article. 

  • The seminal artiste will then decide which questions he'd like to answer, and when.

  • There is no dead line. Ask your questions whenever you like.

For convenience, I will pin this article on the right side of the screen, as soon as I've figured out how. And now - ask away.

Friday, 7 August 2015

The Magic of the Three's

As I have been away for a few weeks, leading the life of a tourist in my homecountry mostly. I started catching up on blogs, Twitter and other asocial media. While I noticed many were surprised about the video placed on TTY of the blind girl in a mixed live version of Now My Heart is Full. I was immediatly struck by the number 3. (Oh no, not again!) Yes, again....and it's all your fault, Kerry! You started this nonsense, which truthfully doesn't seem to be nonsense in the end.

On July 31st I was visiting my (near) blind mother. We decided to go see an art exhibit at the local modern art museum. This is always something special to my mother as she needs others to tell her mostly what is seen (or not seen) in paintings. Touching is unfortunately out of the question. 

Well, my mother has a new guidedog since a few months, the old one has retired, and this new one is not so fond of museums, or maybe it's just the modern art she doesn't like. Who knows. At one point she had enough of it and layed herself down quietly below a piece of art while we were standing in the middle of the room talking. It was to me so funny she let it be known she had enough of it, I took a picture of her. This picture I tweeted that same day.

It was soon RT'd by the ever poetic and loving Astraea.
It was only last night I noticed the video on TTY which was posted on August 3. Three days after the guidedog tweet, and on the third of the month. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Numbers x 3

Now I might be taking this numbers thing too far but I think my work are in on the joke..

Sincerely yours
Bitter Bobby Neville

Monday, 3 August 2015

TTY post: Blind girl climbs on stage

The latest TTY message features a video of Now My Heart Is Full, where a blind girl climbs on stage to hug Morrissey in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There is no apparent reason for this post, so you certainly didn't expect that we wouldn't see a sign in this one. Apart from the obvious Paulo Coelho connection and the Brazil story, Jaz's eagle eyes also spotted that El Moz seems to wear a white rose here (2:45)! He didn't wear it in Sao Paulo, the video is a collection of footage from different concerts, but the rose is visible right after the Sao Paulo snippet. Coincidence?

But that's of course not all. In a recent article I reported on Johnny Marr's tweet with the picture of him with a red rose, and that particular tweet contained an announcement of his concert in... Sao Paulo, Brazil!

I certainly have a tendency to just make things up and see signs where there are none, but this one makes me VERY suspicious.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Larry King - TTY post

There's been a number of rather upsetting TTY statements recently; the murder of Cecil, the airport incident, Lynn Anderson's death. But there's also good news - Morrissey has agreed to a TV interview with Larry King, read his statement below:

Larry King

Morrissey will be interviewed by famed American television host Larry King on August 17th. Larry King has conducted over 30,000 television interviews. Mr King hosted Larry King Live at CNN for 25 years, and also wrote a column for USA Today for 20 years. He has received ten Cable ACE Awards and two Peabody Awards, and he has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, the Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and is a recipient of the Golden Mike Award for Lifetime Achievement.

I'm not sure how you've read it, but this left me very suspicious. It had escaped me before that Moz is such a huge Larry King fan that he feels obliged to mention all his achievements along with the announcement of the interview. So what was the point? Has everyone noticed the numbers? 17. THIRTY thousand. 25. 20. Ten. Two. There can only be one conclusion:
A certain Monsieur might be taking the piss out of us and our numbers obsession. Which is of course a huge honour. How many people on this earth can claim that Morrissey himself took the piss out of them? I'm very proud.