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Monday, 3 August 2015

TTY post: Blind girl climbs on stage

The latest TTY message features a video of Now My Heart Is Full, where a blind girl climbs on stage to hug Morrissey in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There is no apparent reason for this post, so you certainly didn't expect that we wouldn't see a sign in this one. Apart from the obvious Paulo Coelho connection and the Brazil story, Jaz's eagle eyes also spotted that El Moz seems to wear a white rose here (2:45)! He didn't wear it in Sao Paulo, the video is a collection of footage from different concerts, but the rose is visible right after the Sao Paulo snippet. Coincidence?

But that's of course not all. In a recent article I reported on Johnny Marr's tweet with the picture of him with a red rose, and that particular tweet contained an announcement of his concert in... Sao Paulo, Brazil!

I certainly have a tendency to just make things up and see signs where there are none, but this one makes me VERY suspicious.


  1. If you don't mind and if you've got the time.. Join me

    1. 'Terrible timing' is my middle name... who'd be surprised!