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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Morrissey's novel

With thanks to True To You
22 August 2015

Morrissey's novel

Morrissey's first novel, List of the Lost, will be published by Penguin Books (UK) at the end of September. The book will be issued in softcover/paperback as a New Fiction title, and comes almost two years after Morrissey's very successful Autobiography publication of October 2013.
Penguin Books will confirm an on sale date within this coming week. List of the Lost will be available in the UK, Ireland, Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa.

I am so excited to discover that the rumoured novel is ready for publication. It has been too long since Autobiography. The day it was published I was standing outside my local Waterstone's waiting for them to open. The sales assistant had to go to the store room and returned wheeling a trolley with crates of the book. I was shocked that they hadn't bothered to set up a display !!

I was thrilled and proud to buy the first copy and left the shop as the assistant put copies on display on a plinth at the entrance to the store. For those who cannot wait there is a ' spoiler ' elsewhere about the new novel content.

Time will tell if it is accurate.


  1. Needless to say that I loved Autobiography and cried during the emotional parts
    and laughed at the funny bits.
    All the time hearing Moz's voice in my head, reading it to me.

  2. Replies
    1. Do tell! Cannot wait to warm up with a first page!

    2. Spoiler? Surely Lizzy doesn't mean the Brazil story on the BRS tumblr site?That will not be in List of the Lost.

    3. You might be right. "Brazil" was said to be an excerpt of a novel titled "Make me a monster, but don't kill me for being monstrous". Still a fascinating read, and I somehow expect The List of the Lost to have a similar touch of almost abysmal darkness. At least I won't expect fairies and butterflies... but a lot of tragedy, a twisted plot, and an ending that makes you want to slam the book against the wall.

    4. The spoiler is on the site whose name I must not mention.
      Look if you dare.

      I loved the Brazil story and wondered too if the new novel would share the same elements.
      List of the Lost is a great title.

    5. Lizzy, did you mean this post on Morrissey-solo?
      Spoiler alert: It's about a band whose members disappear without explanation, only to be replaced without fanfare by new members. The one character to remain throughout the story is "Baz". I'm seriously looking forward to this!

    6. Yes, that is the post.
      What do you think ?

    7. I think it's a bit odd that hours after that comment was posted on SoLow, it turned out that the picture that Monsieur Rat was "confused" about the whole day was taken by someone called "AgentBaz".

    8. Whoever wrote Brazil: I am very impressed with it.

  3. Lizzy I hope you don't mind that I messed with your post to correct some formatting...?

    Are you referring to "Brazil"? I read that story again just recently, and it still leaves me clueless. For those who don't know it, it can be found here:

    First thing I noticed is that Leonid at some point says "What have I done", and it might not be such an unusual expression, but of course I can't help thinking of Istanbul.

    Second: It reminded me of a comment that was left by Mlle Astraea on the FTP blog, which we blobbed about last month:

    The last paragraph says:

    "I DO love a man who knows how to be demanding. Every now and again that is. And AGAIN. And on this rather decidedly delectable final note... JE VOUS QUITTE."

    And third - a general question: Who rapes whom here?

    1. Thank you for sorting out my formatting Orange, it looks much better. ( I was in a hurry ! )

      I wonder if Brazil was a taster/tester for the new novel ?
      If so, we are in for a treat.

    2. According to Jaz, Moz sang "What have I done" twice last night. Hmmm!

    3. How interesting and what shall we make of that ?

    4. Unclear... might be just a coincidence? But I've never heard it being sung twice before.

    5. Footage surfaced

  4. I'm beyond excited for this. Morrissey has such a distinct and talented way with words; I can't think of a living writer who compares, in my eyes. I cannot wait!