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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Morrissey turns down Trinity College Award - The FTP predictions

Since Mlle Boozey feels no shame to blog about the flimsiest of flimsy coincidences, I shall do the same.

In the FTP parody "The 'Other' Pessoas", published on July 19, OM states at some point:

OM: Get on with this you f***ing miserable oaf. I've got my gruelling US tour to finish, as well as that b**tard extra UK date to book in before Hull, and this s**ding award to turn down.

US tour finished: Check
Extra UK date before Hull: Check
Award turned down: Check

All three came true, and the parody was published long before any of those three things were public knowledge. Regardless if I'm reporting on a 'sign' or a genuine coincidence, it makes me wonder who's behind FTP?


  1. Well how with Bitchy Bitter Bobby Neville know all that?

    It's quite funny how Rat ecuses Bitter Bobby of being behind FTP, when we can't even get him to blog on here, or, ask Alf a question on here, as he is too lazy! So for him to be behind FTP is quite the funniest thing Rat has ever accused anyone of. Usually everything according to Rat IS Moz, has he been told to keep quiet, just as he has been banned from mentioning Alf?

    1. Well how would*

      You should be able to edit your bloody comments.....

    2. That's not true, Rob DID blog here! His post contained a picture and 25 words. So you can NOT call him lazy.

    3. That proves my point even more, he couldn't even post the picture the right way round!!

    4. FTP is very poorly written. It is certainly not written by the person who wrote MW.

    5. The style is different than MW, but I find them pretty funny. Hilarious even.

    6. I agree with anon, the FTP blob isn't very well written. How anyone could think it is the work of Moz is laughable and offensive.

    7. I like the way you agree but use the word blob! The word blob was what I made up for Alf to call a blog, and it has really took off, which I am very, very, very, pleased about!

      We started the Pessoas for the following reasons.

      1. We wanted to try having a alternative to FTM, and rats ridiculously bitchy and bitter writing. It wasn't to impersonate Morrissey or MW. How could it? It also then in turn encouraged Orange M and Boozey to start this blob. Which has been hugely successful and we are very pleased they took the time to do this.
      2. Between us, we all had a interest in writing, and thought it would be playful and funny to bring the Pessoas to life. So far, Astra and Alf have said to us, and others how much they enjoy reading the parodies. Astra has given us feedback which we all found extremely encouraging.
      3. I think I've put the reasons in my first two points, but wanted to keep the number THREE going. Mainly for Boozey.

      We will carry on writing parodies when the mood takes us. Any constructive criticism will always be welcome. Any anon comments that are negative, we will just ignore as usual. Because at the end of the day we are enjoying ourselves.


      Mlle FTP

  2. I'm so lazy I can't even be bothered to log in to my account to post. I can't even write my own name properly let alone 'parodies' - rats wrong again although I am "dull, dull, dull" and bitter and bitchy. Let's not be too hard on him

    1. Fuck it, Rat's a cunt and everyone knows it. Don't start going soft now, you dull, bitter, bitch.

      By the way, that is you, Rob, isn't it?

      Mary Queen of shots

  3. Christ's hat! Is there anyone in our ring who hasn't made an accurate prediction?

    If so, your turn's astir, I swear.

  4. I am thrilled that this blob exists where one can post without fear of censorship
    or deletion. An excellent alternative to FTM, which was good in its time.

    Great to see Menippus has discovered TWoM.

    Did you know that Morrissey's forthcoming novel is only 128 pages long ?

    And finally, after the show tomorrow, the next one will be when I see Moz and the band
    in Plymouth !! So excited.