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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Larry King - TTY post

There's been a number of rather upsetting TTY statements recently; the murder of Cecil, the airport incident, Lynn Anderson's death. But there's also good news - Morrissey has agreed to a TV interview with Larry King, read his statement below:

Larry King

Morrissey will be interviewed by famed American television host Larry King on August 17th. Larry King has conducted over 30,000 television interviews. Mr King hosted Larry King Live at CNN for 25 years, and also wrote a column for USA Today for 20 years. He has received ten Cable ACE Awards and two Peabody Awards, and he has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, the Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and is a recipient of the Golden Mike Award for Lifetime Achievement.

I'm not sure how you've read it, but this left me very suspicious. It had escaped me before that Moz is such a huge Larry King fan that he feels obliged to mention all his achievements along with the announcement of the interview. So what was the point? Has everyone noticed the numbers? 17. THIRTY thousand. 25. 20. Ten. Two. There can only be one conclusion:
A certain Monsieur might be taking the piss out of us and our numbers obsession. Which is of course a huge honour. How many people on this earth can claim that Morrissey himself took the piss out of them? I'm very proud.


  1. I thought the same thing as I was reading 30,000! Then I did try to give myself a bit of a reality check and thought... hmmm am I overdoing the whole numbers thing? Which is what makes the whole thing so funny though, as you say, because it could just be him taking the piss.

    On a more serious note, I hope he is feeling alright after so much bad news lately and the airport incident.

  2. It's a good job we are the kind of people that can take a joke!
    I actually love all this madness. I will be looking forward to what song is number THREE next time he appears live.

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