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Friday, 24 July 2015

Celebrity Blue Rose

Good day. While we're all waiting for Mlle Marianne's hopefully-to-come review of the show in Troutdale Portland, let me do as Mlle Kerry did and entertain you with a couple of super flimsy coincidences.

There have been a number of celebrities mentioned (and assumed to be involved) in MorrisseysWorld, such as Boy Sir George, Monsieur Jonathan Woss, and of course The Trew Gristle Bandage, and the pile of coincidences has now become big enough to justify a blog article.

Starting off with the YouTube upload of the Seattle show from someone called "baby j", who might be Kristeen Young's ex-drummer (please correct me if I'm talking bollocks. This is actually a general advice). Kristeen was obviously the first one to present Morrissey with blue roses, and not just one or two, but ONE HUNDRED:

Coincidentally, Monsieur baby j uploaded a whole Culture Club concert right before the Morrissey Seattle show, which leads us to Monsieur Style Icon Boy George, who often interacted with Our Mozzer on Twitter. Unfortunately, Sir George tends to tweet a lot, so I can't scroll back to those early tweets, but he referred to the Alfiah as "Our Morrissey" back in 2014:

Moving on to the next - I already mentioned Monsieur Wossy's alleged involvement in MorrisseysWorld, which led a certain Mr. Ferdenzi to ask him quite directly about it once:

The important part here is not that Sir Woss answered "no" (someone should inform Mr. Ferdenzi that there would've been no point in MorrisseysWorld in the first place, had anyone plainly admitted their involvement), but that he answered AT ALL. Monsieur Jonathan has 4,67 Million Twitter followers. Remarkable - almost magical - how he managed to spot that question about MW!

If you're already fanning yourselves in excitement at this point, then I strongly recommend that you make sure you're seated while you read on.

The last set of coincidences that I'm going to present to you involves no other than Johnny Fuckin Monsieur Marr. Do we all remember the Paulo Coelho connection, and the short story titled "Brazil"? Back in June, Sir Marr tweeted "Ready to hit São Paulo Brazil" - which might be due to the fact that São Paulo happens to be located in Brazil, where he was playing that night; so far there's nothing to see here. However, that tweet (and why exactly THAT tweet?) came with a picture of Mr. Fuckin Johnny Sir chewing on a red rose:

And yesterday - you wouldn't believe it - he tweeted the following:

Checking YouTube, he obviously referred to this video from a certain Monsieur John D Kelly, reciting his poem "Jumpin Jack Frack":

An untrained eye might dismiss the occurence of our beloved number THREE in that poem as pure coincidence, but of course there's more.

Not only did Sir Monsieur Friggin Ex-Maher give a direct reference to the mighty 3 with that tweet, but Monsieur Kelly's poem also mentions trouts, and it was tweeted on the day that Morrissey plays in Troutdale, PORTLAND - and what's Monsieur Johnny's location according to his Twitter profile? Portland/Manchester.

Take a deep breath, guys.


  1. Replies
    1. Exactly. Although I sometimes see it rather like a virtual dance.

  2. I am hyperventilating having just discovered that Moz is going to play my hometown of Plymouth on the
    15th September.
    Nice work with your blog update today Clockwork Orange !
    All just coincidences..................

    1. Thank you Lizzy! As well as it's just a coincidence that Monsieur El Moz informs his TTY audience that Plymouth is a THREE thousand FOUR hundred capacity venue. He certainly didn't include that bit only to amuse the twelve people who'd pay attention. Amazing that he comes to visit your home town!

    2. I am still ' pinching myself ' with the news of the local concert. Very exciting.
      So much so that I missed the significance of the 3400 !
      Good job your eyes were peeled Orange.
      If Mr M is reading this, I am counting the days until I see you. Dreams do come true.

    3. Just seen the TTY post!

      So there IS a UK date before Hull.
      Just like the Alfiah mentioned on twit in passing....

    4. Can't believe that escaped me! I got confused and was sure that the other dates are BEFORE September 15.

      For those who missed it - The Alfiah's words were documented in this article:

    5. And I asked him the other day if it was true and he said' "No!".
      I know that a straight up answer is NEVER actually a straight up answer with him, so I am very pleased with this outcome all round, except that I can't bloody go!!!

  3. Review of Troutdale should be coming in the next day or so. Thank you for all your lovely comments to my last review.

    1. I really can't wait, you write beautifully! I've noticed that baby j uploaded Suedehead from Troutdale to YouTube, let's hope he also shares the rest, if he filmed it. His videos are top.

    2. Thank you Orange! I have been checking today for footage of First of the Gang to Die but nothing yet. Hopefully soon. His videos look fantastic.