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Thursday, 28 July 2016

2 blob posts in one day!

File under #flimsycoincidence

19 May, 2016, @BRSChairman on Twitter:
26 July, 2016 on TTY: relevant text highlighted:
As I live about 40km south of Melbourne, I plan on taking some blue whatsits.

And this from @TRB

Aside: We can only hope that by El Paso that the Thump thing hasn't won.

And an avatar thing

On 29 April, 2016, @HoarselyCry found a certain photo of The Mozziah making a certain religious gesture. You can see a typically mesmerizing blob post about it here.

Well, on or about 23 Jul, 2016, @HoarselyCry messaged me to draw my attention to the observed fact that @BRSChairman had changed Twitter avatars, thusly:

The Birth of a New Star

I've always had a weakness for one particular character on Twitter. 
It is an other worldly maiden, who wrote sometimes incomprehensible but poetic lines, it was her wittiness, beautiful music choices and dreamy pictures of classic film actresses that struck a chord. New windows to beautiful landscapes opened up and I was lost without realising, until she was gone, forever.

Astraea is whom I am talking about. We all know the star maiden's account was closed many months ago. People come, and people go, and life goes on as usual. But not this time. For some reason,   
after many months of feeling a strange kind of emptiness, I decided to speak my mind and call for her. It took some courage; knowing someone in flesh and blood and missing them is an understandable emotion, but missing someone who's not personally in ones life, and who is part of the night sky, what do you make of that? 

So on July 23 I tweeted "If I had the powers in me to summon the ever charming and poetic Astraea back, I would..." Heathercat replied "So would I". I was definitely not alone in this. And then, the next day, on the 24th, Dawn Mist @slightdawnmist appeared. She has a similar style to Astraea, I was intrigued right away. 

On the 26th Not Astra's Derrière came with a redeeming reply to my tweet: 
"@HoarselyCry I heard she was recently seen in Forte dei Marmi. Then over the weekend, in Montecatini Terme" 

"Later, he disappointed her. And his azure eyes did nothing to quell the deafening emptiness in her heart"

"The next day, 50 Hail Marys for her wounds, kindness once lost, forever unfound" 

Such a tragic story, assuming what Not Astra's Derrière tweeted is true.  
Could this be the gas and dust that congregate to form interstellar clouds, of Astraea's dying self, which then gave birth to a new star?