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Thursday, 28 July 2016

2 blob posts in one day!

File under #flimsycoincidence

19 May, 2016, @BRSChairman on Twitter:
26 July, 2016 on TTY: relevant text highlighted:
As I live about 40km south of Melbourne, I plan on taking some blue whatsits.

And this from @TRB

Aside: We can only hope that by El Paso that the Thump thing hasn't won.

And an avatar thing

On 29 April, 2016, @HoarselyCry found a certain photo of The Mozziah making a certain religious gesture. You can see a typically mesmerizing blob post about it here.

Well, on or about 23 Jul, 2016, @HoarselyCry messaged me to draw my attention to the observed fact that @BRSChairman had changed Twitter avatars, thusly:


  1. Coincidence or not, I do love that picture!
    So excited for you to be able to see Morrissey in Melbourne! It was all in the cards...