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Friday, 24 July 2015

Celebrity Blue Rose

Good day. While we're all waiting for Mlle Marianne's hopefully-to-come review of the show in Troutdale Portland, let me do as Mlle Kerry did and entertain you with a couple of super flimsy coincidences.

There have been a number of celebrities mentioned (and assumed to be involved) in MorrisseysWorld, such as Boy Sir George, Monsieur Jonathan Woss, and of course The Trew Gristle Bandage, and the pile of coincidences has now become big enough to justify a blog article.

Starting off with the YouTube upload of the Seattle show from someone called "baby j", who might be Kristeen Young's ex-drummer (please correct me if I'm talking bollocks. This is actually a general advice). Kristeen was obviously the first one to present Morrissey with blue roses, and not just one or two, but ONE HUNDRED:

Coincidentally, Monsieur baby j uploaded a whole Culture Club concert right before the Morrissey Seattle show, which leads us to Monsieur Style Icon Boy George, who often interacted with Our Mozzer on Twitter. Unfortunately, Sir George tends to tweet a lot, so I can't scroll back to those early tweets, but he referred to the Alfiah as "Our Morrissey" back in 2014:

Moving on to the next - I already mentioned Monsieur Wossy's alleged involvement in MorrisseysWorld, which led a certain Mr. Ferdenzi to ask him quite directly about it once:

The important part here is not that Sir Woss answered "no" (someone should inform Mr. Ferdenzi that there would've been no point in MorrisseysWorld in the first place, had anyone plainly admitted their involvement), but that he answered AT ALL. Monsieur Jonathan has 4,67 Million Twitter followers. Remarkable - almost magical - how he managed to spot that question about MW!

If you're already fanning yourselves in excitement at this point, then I strongly recommend that you make sure you're seated while you read on.

The last set of coincidences that I'm going to present to you involves no other than Johnny Fuckin Monsieur Marr. Do we all remember the Paulo Coelho connection, and the short story titled "Brazil"? Back in June, Sir Marr tweeted "Ready to hit São Paulo Brazil" - which might be due to the fact that São Paulo happens to be located in Brazil, where he was playing that night; so far there's nothing to see here. However, that tweet (and why exactly THAT tweet?) came with a picture of Mr. Fuckin Johnny Sir chewing on a red rose:

And yesterday - you wouldn't believe it - he tweeted the following:

Checking YouTube, he obviously referred to this video from a certain Monsieur John D Kelly, reciting his poem "Jumpin Jack Frack":

An untrained eye might dismiss the occurence of our beloved number THREE in that poem as pure coincidence, but of course there's more.

Not only did Sir Monsieur Friggin Ex-Maher give a direct reference to the mighty 3 with that tweet, but Monsieur Kelly's poem also mentions trouts, and it was tweeted on the day that Morrissey plays in Troutdale, PORTLAND - and what's Monsieur Johnny's location according to his Twitter profile? Portland/Manchester.

Take a deep breath, guys.

Monday, 20 July 2015

My dear friends and fellow Morrissey Worlder’s, I cordially invite you to venture into the other side of the mirror, down the rabbit hole, to the very edge of the void. I would like to present to you the link to our very own Morrissey’s' World chat room. A remnant of the original blog left behind after its demise. What once was a gathering place for the charming has now become a no man's land of anonymous posters, the occasional guest and rare surprise visits.

 Most of you will remember the times there when we had the place to ourselves including Our Mozzer. With an intimate capacity of 10 users at any one time, the chat room is perfect for close discussion of signs, predictions, and insights, what have you. Though you are advised to watch for particular characters who feed off of your presence and subject you to their own. Once you get past them you'll find them to be harmless. With that being said, as with any chat room I wouldn't divulge to much personal information, some have had to learn that lesson the hard way.

     I, personally, would love to see the chat room spring back to life. It won’t be like the old days anymore I know, still I find using the chat room is a much easier and quicker way to converse, and one is able to use more than 140 characters. It is suggested that one makes an account with a proper log in but signing in as guest is just as fine.

Google search "Morrissey’s world chat room" to bring up the following links:

 Embedded version (mobile friendly, I think)
 I hope to see you there soon.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Concert post: Salt Lake City, The Depot

Since there's two Blue Roses in the audience tonight - Mlle Jaz and Mlle Vice President Vulgar Angie - this show deserves another concert post. They'll be right at the front, so they might have a good chance to deliver their roses.

One rose each year seems to be the rule. Could it happen tonight?

(Sidenote: Who put the unofficial fake facebook account on that tour poster?)

Angie's photo of the queue this morning:


While the show is still on, news have been tweeted from VPV Angie that... IT HAPPENED! Morrissey took Jaz's blue rose and wore it in his back pocket:

UPDATE: It was mentioned in the crèche swamp that on top of the blue rose, Morrissey also accepted a white one, which he didn't wear but it ended up on the drum kit, and a bouquet of yellow flowers. If you ask me (you probably don't... but anyway), Morrissey might be concerned that he's making it a little too obvious when accepting only (blue) roses, and who would wish for the crèche squad to turn up here, but then again, he sang Trouble Loves Me with a blue rose in his button hole, so unless Monsieur Le Moz issues a TTY statement in bold letters that he fully embraces BRS and speaks to us on Twitter, I think our precious little club is quite safe.

Here's a couple of more pictures from The SLC Flower Show:

And now I just cannot resist to present to you the flimsiest sign of the year. After the shirt colour coincidences, during which I might have lost the plot a bit (it happens to fruits), I spent the last week in monochrome, but I'm back in colour and of course the first coincidence jumped into my face instantly! Here's a picture of Morrissey in Salt Lake City, wearing quite an enormous ring:

That ring is so big that I first thought it was the return of the finger lingerie! Anyway. Please compare the colour of that ring with the background colour of our beloved little World of Moz blog. Yes, we notice such things. Incidentally, Morrissey opened the St. Paul show with the words "We are the world"...

But enough of this nonsense, we're now waiting impatiently for more information from Jjaz and VulgarAngie, who will hopefully find the time to write a review soon.


VulgarAngie's thoughts on the show can be found in the comment section of FTM Day 1404, and Jjaz published her review on her blog JJ Lie Down In The Weeds.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Pub Moz

From the original MorrisseysWorld blog - anybody want to go?

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Message from Morrissey: New TTY post

A new picture was posted on TTY yesterday:

A remarkable photo, and I'm trying hard not to mention the excellent colour composition, but this is undoubtedly the most epic Moz mic whip ever caught on film. The picture was taken in Zagreb last year, but the post title is "Morrissey on stage at Detroit". The Masonic Temple show! Is this the sign we've been waiting for?

Talking of which - please take a look at the next picture, also from Detroit:

And now compare that with the following image from the old MorrisseysWorld blog:

Please note that a hand sign like that was exactly what this blog predicted for the Masonic Temple show. Coincidence or not? You never know, you never know, you never know.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Concert post: Detroit, Masonic Temple

Morrissey's highly anticipated show at the iconic Masonic Temple finally takes place tonight! Some might know that masonic signs were often featured on the old MorrisseysWorld blog, so the choice of venue alone was already interpreted by many as a nod to Blue Rose Society. As far as we know, there won't be any Blue Rose(r)s in the audience tonight, so once again, we rely on social media and youtube.

Will there be any surprises for us? Will Trouble be back on the setlist? Remember, TROUBLE LOVES ME is an anagram of LOVE M(asonic) T(emple) BLUE ROSE. Could Oboe finally debut? Will we see those typical masonic hand signs again, as in the picture below? Will something completely unexpected happen, or nothing at all?


This isn't really an update, because there's nothing to report on, there's not even a set list available yet. But a Masonic Temple show without any signs is unthinkable! So, just because, here's a picture of Morrissey in Detroit's "Temple of Filth", doing some sort of... hand sign...


Thankfully, a certain Mlle Jenni has uploaded the whole show to youtube:

We're gutted that she didn't passionately sing along to any of the songs, but at least we have the set list now:

Alma Matters
Staircase At The University
World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Kiss Me A Lot
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Will Never Marry (piano intro)
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
First Of The Gang To Die
I Will See You In Far-Off Places
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
The Bullfighter Dies
Meat Is Murder
Now My Heart Is Full

Encore: What She Said

Monday, 6 July 2015

International Kissing Day

July 6: International Kissing Day.

A great opportunity to republish one of MorrisseysWorld's most cherished articles:

An Essay on Loneliness in the 20th Century, 8th August, 2012

Before television, before radio, before photography, the kiss was a beautiful accident, a mysterious
rumour, an uncertain recoiling. The senses were clean and vigorous - deprived, yearning and
unfettered by the morass of over-stimulation, artless communication and deadened intellect, which
characterise 21st century living. When television year by year becomes something closer to parent,
teacher, judgemental peer; the source of knowledge, the cause of laughter, the purpose of living; the
homogenisation of humankind is almost complete. Now that television is what we do, our actual
lives are relegated to a sideshow, a meaningless burden which we undertake with extreme
reluctance, like sleep to a child. The mindless carnival of mediocrity that is media-brand Britain is
nothing less than a cultural cancer.

In the 21st century loneliness has taken on an entirely different meaning. Loneliness is no longer
silent, grey and voiceless; it is loud, high definition colour - voices, voices, always voices. They cry,
shriek, lavishly swoon; they fawn over and under; they ignore, deny, speak over; while we
matriculate into media-brand existence; we copy and we adjust. Loneliness in the 20th century was
not displaceable. Even when technologies arose to submerge the quietly hollow screaming - of
boredom, of emptiness, of loneliness - under an ocean of sounds, pictures and feelings, we were not
entirely of the media. Loneliness is no longer satisfying. Loneliness is virtual reality where once it
was nothing at all. The space has gone. The imaginary life of media is now so deeply embedded, we
are all television. Television is us.

Technology is the plughole through which our humanity pours like used bathwater. No heart yearns
like the lonely heart. The mad cravings of the lonely are the very soul of romance. Facebook iPod
Internet Flat-Screen Television; dry rot in the fabric of the heart. When I walked home in the rain, I
tasted those Pinot Noir lips of rich cherry, I saw those eyes of black. Now there is no need. Every
thing is at your fingertips, flat and grimly satisfying.

Today's youth will fall in love on Facebook.

The quiet dignity of life smeared with Nutella, images of the royals projected in all their
ostentatious stupidity, the vile patriotic bluster of a war-mongering elite, keen to keep the working
class and middle class in line with their austerity scheme. The budget for unnecessary war is, as
ever, limitless. The outcry is... nowhere.

The drip, drip, drip of the media cycle. The same stories on half-hourly repeat. Man in suit. Younger
woman with expensive perm. Smiling through empty eyes. Celebrity watching.

Loneliness was a threat, a promise, a dream, a nightmare.

Today loneliness is nothing but boredom.

Pragmatists fall in love using their senses. Idealists fall in love while they're alone. But when, oh
when are you alone?

The nineteen seventies were a time of tremendous excitement. Fighting bravely against religious
morality seemed to be the vocation of any intelligent person. Feminism liberated the feminine spirit.
Gay rights achieved lasting safety for the persecuted. Animal rights and vegetarianism spread like
wild fire and still do so today, though they have not yet created a secure environment for animals.

Yet we have replaced one form of mindless moral oppression with another.

Where once religion drove censorship and oppression, it is now the government.

Can human beings not simply be free?

'Hell is other people' wrote Sartre.

Cast aside technology and embrace solitude; embrace yourself.

Nights of Shirts and Roses

Some of you might have read my last blog entry on FTR, where I reported on the 'shirt coincidence', but truth be told, my mind obviously played tricks on me. Fruits are so easily impressed. This is the non-incident in short:

On June 27, before the MSG show, I tweeted the following:

At first I was under the severe delusion that Morrissey had taken my advice. May I present to you his outfit at the next three shows in New York, Akron, and Cincinnati:

As you can see, this is completely the wrong order! And the black-pink one isn't even black-pink, it's violet (and it's NOT just the stage lighting, I checked that).

Captured in my delusions, I excitedly blogged about this "sign", and while the dreamier part of my mind was already busy with plans about my new fabulous life as Morrissey's personal stylist, I considered it my duty to inform him that brown as a shirt colour is entirely unacceptable. Would you now please take a look at Maestro's shirt choices for the next show in Nashville:

You will certainly agree that this can only be a genuine coincidence.

However, something unforeseeable occured, a conspiracy of the universe. You might remember that Morrissey's show in Nashville was postponed and moved to a different venue, incidentally the Ryman Auditorium, where he had already played the year before. This led to some confusion on Twitter, when the first youtube videos from the Nashville show were shared, and only because of this, we got aware that the Blue Rose Society had missed something! Last year at the Ryman - watch Morrissey dramatically picking up a yellow rose at 0:20 and gently throwing it over to his security guy, who hopefully saved it as carefully as Hector the Bug:

Mlle Kerry already reported on the Blue Rose Garden in an earlier article, and with these additional "coincidences", does anyone really still wonder why Morrissey opened the show with "Rose Garden"?

The world of Morrissey is a weird one, and it's easy to get lost in the jungle. It's not always as obvious as this time. In order to seperate the genuine coincidences from the intentionally given signs, it requires a clear mind and most of all a very well-trained eye. Talking of which:

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Jesse (Moz Fiends) Madison Square Gardens Review 27.06.2015. Never, never, never!

I apologize for not writing this sooner, but exhaustion due to all the emotions involved with seeing Morrissey again after two and a half years kept me hibrinating all day Sunday.  It was practically daybreak by the time I arrived home and I had been awake for almost twenty-four hours by then and so much had occurred to drain me in that time.  But anyway, let me get to it.  

I won't get into details that you can read elsewhere but only the highlights of my personal experiences. 

Morrissey at Madison Square Garden was nothing less than a religious experience for me.  I am in awe of him and his talent each and every time I am lucky enough to see him live.  The show was absolute perfection and I enjoyed every second.  His voice was flawless and full of emotion.  I sung my heart out along with others of all types who loved each and every song, the new as well as the old.  The crowd near me was mellow yet passionate.  The venue was pretty filled up except for the upper regions.  I only wish I was seeing him again this tour.  I am in love with him.  What else can I say?  If anyone has any specific questions I will be happy to answer.

Now, if I may turn back the clock for a minute, I'll start at the beginning, where I probably should have begun in the first place.

I had awoke up at 6 am and queued all day.  I was number twenty five on The List.  I chatted with some nice, very young Morrissey fans.  It began to rain in the mid afternoon.  I had my blue roses with me but they were tucked safely away, wrapped in plastic bags.  

Doors finally opened and eventually I made it to the barricade.  Obviously I prefer when there isn't one period, but this one was very far from the stage and the stage was very high.  As I was off to the right side, I had some speakers in front of me that I planned to jump on during the encore and then on to the stage, but when it came time to try, it was an impossible fete.  Alf was correct when he said I would "NEVER" make it to the stage.  As I was being pummelled by five security beasts from MSG, I attempted to throw the roses on stage, but they fell short.  (Thank you to Father Brian for helping me over the barricade.)  

The security was scary.  One of them grabbed me painfully around my breasts while one had me in a headlock while another patted me down looking for weapons.  I thought they were going to escort me out of the venue or have me arrested, but they let me back in GA at the back just in time to see Moz ripping off his shirt.  Sigh.  

I was so amped up after the show that as soon as I got my merch, I ran outside in search of a cab.  In my emotional frenzy, I decided to go to the hotel where Moz was staying and try to meet him.  There was a storm going on meanwhile, as rain and wind and cold swept through the city streets.  Not being able to get a taxi since everyone else was trying too, I took the subway.  I arrived at the hotel and waited, after having a quick glass of red wine at the bar across the street.

Some time went by before I recognized a familiar, beautiful man getting out of a black vehicle.  I walked towards Morrissey and yelled his name.  He looked my way and seemed to be about to approach me but then the security buffoon who was with Moz angrily told me to "Back up!" and Morrissey headed for the door to the hotel.  Desperately, not wanting to miss my opportunity to meet my idol as he swiftly passed me by, I said "Morrissey, please, I tried to get on stage..." when before I could finish my sentence, Morrissey dramatically pulled his jacket around himself signalling that it was probably too wet and cold to stop and then said to me the words "NEVER".

Now, even if Alf is Moz, I don't know how he would have made out that the wet and dishevelled girl pleading before him was Mozfiend/JesseNothing because I don't have any pictures of myself on Twitter and I  would be shocked if he had remembered telling me "NEVER" on Twitter when I had mentioned my plans of reaching him on stage to present him with blue roses.  I also doubt that he even saw me at the show, in the crowd with my roses, and made out that I was the blue rose girl that attempted the stage invasion, but it certainly was a strange coincidence.

Coincidence is an oft used word around these parts. My friend who had accompanied me for the evening just thought Morrissey was a dick. I admit I was sad that I blew both my big chances with Morrissey that night. But what could I do? I walked back to the bar to drink more red wine.

Welcome to The World Of Morrissey

Sometimes ideas - like men - jump up and say "Hallo?". They introduce themselves, these ideas, with words - are they words? These ideas speak so strangely. All that we see in this world is based on someone's ideas. Some ideas are destructive, some are constructive. Some ideas can arrive in the form of a dream. I can say it again - some ideas arrive in the form of a dream.

I carry a log, yes. Is it funny to you? It is not to me. Behind all things are reasons. Reasons can even explain the absurd. Do we have the time to learn the reasons behind the human being's varied behaviour? I think not. Some take the time. Are they called detectives? Watch - and see what life teaches.

Life, like music, has a rhythm, and every squirrel needs a tree.

Welcome to our world. We're here - we're deluded - we're out of control.

P.S. Please approach us if you'd like to join in.