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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Jesse (Moz Fiends) Madison Square Gardens Review 27.06.2015. Never, never, never!

I apologize for not writing this sooner, but exhaustion due to all the emotions involved with seeing Morrissey again after two and a half years kept me hibrinating all day Sunday.  It was practically daybreak by the time I arrived home and I had been awake for almost twenty-four hours by then and so much had occurred to drain me in that time.  But anyway, let me get to it.  

I won't get into details that you can read elsewhere but only the highlights of my personal experiences. 

Morrissey at Madison Square Garden was nothing less than a religious experience for me.  I am in awe of him and his talent each and every time I am lucky enough to see him live.  The show was absolute perfection and I enjoyed every second.  His voice was flawless and full of emotion.  I sung my heart out along with others of all types who loved each and every song, the new as well as the old.  The crowd near me was mellow yet passionate.  The venue was pretty filled up except for the upper regions.  I only wish I was seeing him again this tour.  I am in love with him.  What else can I say?  If anyone has any specific questions I will be happy to answer.

Now, if I may turn back the clock for a minute, I'll start at the beginning, where I probably should have begun in the first place.

I had awoke up at 6 am and queued all day.  I was number twenty five on The List.  I chatted with some nice, very young Morrissey fans.  It began to rain in the mid afternoon.  I had my blue roses with me but they were tucked safely away, wrapped in plastic bags.  

Doors finally opened and eventually I made it to the barricade.  Obviously I prefer when there isn't one period, but this one was very far from the stage and the stage was very high.  As I was off to the right side, I had some speakers in front of me that I planned to jump on during the encore and then on to the stage, but when it came time to try, it was an impossible fete.  Alf was correct when he said I would "NEVER" make it to the stage.  As I was being pummelled by five security beasts from MSG, I attempted to throw the roses on stage, but they fell short.  (Thank you to Father Brian for helping me over the barricade.)  

The security was scary.  One of them grabbed me painfully around my breasts while one had me in a headlock while another patted me down looking for weapons.  I thought they were going to escort me out of the venue or have me arrested, but they let me back in GA at the back just in time to see Moz ripping off his shirt.  Sigh.  

I was so amped up after the show that as soon as I got my merch, I ran outside in search of a cab.  In my emotional frenzy, I decided to go to the hotel where Moz was staying and try to meet him.  There was a storm going on meanwhile, as rain and wind and cold swept through the city streets.  Not being able to get a taxi since everyone else was trying too, I took the subway.  I arrived at the hotel and waited, after having a quick glass of red wine at the bar across the street.

Some time went by before I recognized a familiar, beautiful man getting out of a black vehicle.  I walked towards Morrissey and yelled his name.  He looked my way and seemed to be about to approach me but then the security buffoon who was with Moz angrily told me to "Back up!" and Morrissey headed for the door to the hotel.  Desperately, not wanting to miss my opportunity to meet my idol as he swiftly passed me by, I said "Morrissey, please, I tried to get on stage..." when before I could finish my sentence, Morrissey dramatically pulled his jacket around himself signalling that it was probably too wet and cold to stop and then said to me the words "NEVER".

Now, even if Alf is Moz, I don't know how he would have made out that the wet and dishevelled girl pleading before him was Mozfiend/JesseNothing because I don't have any pictures of myself on Twitter and I  would be shocked if he had remembered telling me "NEVER" on Twitter when I had mentioned my plans of reaching him on stage to present him with blue roses.  I also doubt that he even saw me at the show, in the crowd with my roses, and made out that I was the blue rose girl that attempted the stage invasion, but it certainly was a strange coincidence.

Coincidence is an oft used word around these parts. My friend who had accompanied me for the evening just thought Morrissey was a dick. I admit I was sad that I blew both my big chances with Morrissey that night. But what could I do? I walked back to the bar to drink more red wine.

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