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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Message from Morrissey: New TTY post

A new picture was posted on TTY yesterday:

A remarkable photo, and I'm trying hard not to mention the excellent colour composition, but this is undoubtedly the most epic Moz mic whip ever caught on film. The picture was taken in Zagreb last year, but the post title is "Morrissey on stage at Detroit". The Masonic Temple show! Is this the sign we've been waiting for?

Talking of which - please take a look at the next picture, also from Detroit:

And now compare that with the following image from the old MorrisseysWorld blog:

Please note that a hand sign like that was exactly what this blog predicted for the Masonic Temple show. Coincidence or not? You never know, you never know, you never know.


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    1. Please don't feed my delusions! This is seriously getting out of hand, I'll go nuts when I'm alerted each and every time Monsieur Moz is seen with something orange. Enough of this colour madness, so this is day 1 of monochrome week.

    2. Ha ha at monochrome week. I hardly recognise you. Will a monochrome shirt appear, or a monochrome picture on TTY?
      We have 12 contributors!

    3. 13 now! However, the term "contributors" doesn't really apply yet. *cough*

  2. What stunning photos. Coincidences or not, it is always fun to imagine that they are more than that when involving Mr M.
    Many congratulations to Morrissey for being given the Trinity College, Dublin award for ' outstanding contribution to music.' Well deserved and overdue.

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  4. Have you ever caught God by his toe?
    Do you know what it means?
    How it feels?
    If you ever catch God by a toe
    Hold on tight
    And don't let go

    How's your pith today, Orange?
    How's the fruit bowl?
    And most importantly of all of course, how does my hair look?

    1. How lovely to see you on here Astraea. As always, your words and hair are beyond exquisite.

    2. Beautiful Mlle Astraea! What a delightful surprise that you have found your way to Our little World. I hope you like it enough to pass by occasionally.

      Should I ever - by sheer accident of course - grab a God's toe, I pray that he'll be wise enough to shake me off. Listen to the doomed, but never touch them.

      My pith is not worth a comment. It's slightly more rotten and decomposed than yesterday, and the fruit bowl is depressingly empty these days. Monsieur Apple sent me a postcard from some ruinous pub in Grimsby, and Monsieur Lemon was last seen weeks ago, fleeing from an angry zester. I hope he made it.

      And your hair, dearest wonderful Astra, is flawless as ever. From head to toe.


    3. Runs? You sprouted legs and given up hopping. My my.