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Monday, 20 July 2015

My dear friends and fellow Morrissey Worlder’s, I cordially invite you to venture into the other side of the mirror, down the rabbit hole, to the very edge of the void. I would like to present to you the link to our very own Morrissey’s' World chat room. A remnant of the original blog left behind after its demise. What once was a gathering place for the charming has now become a no man's land of anonymous posters, the occasional guest and rare surprise visits.

 Most of you will remember the times there when we had the place to ourselves including Our Mozzer. With an intimate capacity of 10 users at any one time, the chat room is perfect for close discussion of signs, predictions, and insights, what have you. Though you are advised to watch for particular characters who feed off of your presence and subject you to their own. Once you get past them you'll find them to be harmless. With that being said, as with any chat room I wouldn't divulge to much personal information, some have had to learn that lesson the hard way.

     I, personally, would love to see the chat room spring back to life. It won’t be like the old days anymore I know, still I find using the chat room is a much easier and quicker way to converse, and one is able to use more than 140 characters. It is suggested that one makes an account with a proper log in but signing in as guest is just as fine.

Google search "Morrissey’s world chat room" to bring up the following links:

 Embedded version (mobile friendly, I think)
 I hope to see you there soon.


  1. Unfortunately,any action's likely to be past my beddy-bye time (and there's not a chance of any action there).

  2. This is a fantastic idea - just logged in and I hope this picks up!

  3. I knew of that chatroom, but never really got into it, I spend too much time on Twitter already... But I might pop in later, the ephemeral nature of a chatroom offers a lot of charm; it's much closer to a real conversation than anything happening on social media, where everyone can read what you said in a huff six months ago.

    And I really wonder why the chatroom is still online, long after MW has officially ended.

  4. I have many fond memories of the chat room. Confidences shared with honesty. Lots of humour, sometimes darkness and sadness. Emotional exchanges. Friendships forged and angry outbursts.
    Can we go back there ?

  5. Well a few people have bobbed in and out today, so it might pick up.


  6. I never been in a chatroom in all my life, but it must be a first time for everything. Good night for now! :-)