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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Morrison and Morrissey

Jim Morrison sprawled on stage and holding a mic with his eyes closed - Lomography: Concerts, Jim Morrison, The Doors, Jimmorrison, Rocks Stars, Beauty People, Lizards King, Rolls, Rockstar                                      


  1. Stunning photos of two very individual artists. You reminded me of this posting those photos together.

  2. I happen to be a huge Morrison fan. Have been since I was 13. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  3. A work colleague a couple of years ago was on holiday in Europe when it was my birthday. Her gift was a photo of Jim Morrison's grave. Apparently, I'd been to a concert in 2012 by a singer long dead (and no, it wasn't one of those dead Elvis on the screen karaoke with live musoes events).