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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Booze-A-Pest in Budapest

Good afternoon. Our beloved Boozelette is on her way to see Monsieur Le Moz in Budapest together with her man-servant/chauffeur/suitcase carrier, and as her Mancunian booze Blue Rose buddy had put it - there's a certain romance to seeing Sir Monsieur abroad, so this time, instead of just covering the day of the show, we're going to report on the whole trip. I for one am expecting loads of pictures of various glasses filled with various alcoholic beverages, but we hope that Mlle also manages to give us an impression of the beautiful city of Budapest aside from the very important research issue of local pubs.

Tickets - passports - blue roses:

On the road now:

Boozey's comment: "En route. I'm allowing dave to drive my car again. Mainly as I got so shitcunted last night I fell down the stairs. Luckily my head didn't split THREE ways, but it hurts to shit down."

UPDATE: Sorry, typo. That's SIT down of course. Stupid fruit.

UPDATE: "Got through security. Rear cleavage wasn't checked." Great, so they haven't confiscated that giant inflatable toothbrush yet. I hope the venue's security will be similarly careless.

First booze pics coming in: "Duty free done very quickly as I needed refreshments. Gate opens in 1hr 20mins from my calculations I should be able to fit THREE drinks in. My eagle eye has noticed the Cocktail menu"

UPDATE: "THIRD drink just bought. DOUBLE southern comfort and lemonade. Also lady sat next to me I was talking to whilst dave went to the bar, had a cat once called Morrissey!"

I really wonder what Morrissey's cat is called. Suggestions in the comments section please.

UPDATE: "Boarding! Just made the final call due to boozing"

"Here is our private jet - of course we will be unable to take pictures of the luxurious inside. Needless to say the champers will be flowing!"

 "Here are my admin bods and staff boarding"


There were some drinkles consumed on the plane and they are now being checked into the hotel by someone named "Gabor." One can only assume they mean Zsa Zsa?  Oh, and the hotel room number is 304, by the way!

Upon their arrival, it appears Dave forgot his toothbrush! Good thing the inflatable wasn't confiscated.

UPDATE: Never fear - the flight hasn't worn Boozey out in the slightest.  "Making up for lost time!" in Budapest now!

A moment of tension when it wasn't clear if a bar was open after the hotel bar closed... but found one - Phew!... more drinks at a lovely Hungarian bar:

Also there's been a sighting of two lovely cats - perhaps a THIRD will make an appearance.

UPDATE: MORE DRINKS - I've now lost count of the total but here we clearly see THREE beers. Boozey says: "My man servant is doing his job well!"

And here we have the lovely Boozelette and her fantastic husband and man-servant Dave, "Boozed in Booze-a-pest!"

Late night Update: There is more booze back in room 304! It's inescapable! Not that anyone seems to be complaining...

UPDATE: I've been awoken from my red wine hangover (are we sensing a theme about our 'staff' here?) just in time to update about Boozey's travels in Budapest. So far today... a lot of rain and...


Which soon turned into:

And these X 3!

Current view (it's quite rainy!):

Current drink consumption update (the little glasses are something called Palinka raspberry (fire water):


  1. we look forward to reading, remember to hide your blushes should you end up in the mens locker room in the baths AGAIN

    1. Now I know where they are I intend to head straight for them!!

  2. God only knows why there is a lip salve in the palinka photo. Boozey's lips can hardly be dry with all that alcohol passing over.