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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Reach for my hand

While on the surface it seems that the Blue Rose Society is all-but dead, it appears to still be alive in Morrissey's hands (literary).

At Philadelphia, PA - Tower Theater, Sep. 22, 2016, Morrissey made a hand jive out of MW-related hand gesture.
A video posted by Sandy Tufts (@sandytufts) on

On 24 September, Morrissey reached out and accepted blue roses from Jesse, as noted in FTM and shared in video on Twitter by @DlEDlEmyDARLlNG

More finger action happened in Singapore on 16 October when Morrissey was photographed  giving a V sign. Regular (sic) followers of the Blue Rose Society story will be aware that the V sign was referenced on the MW blog as having Illuminati overtones. See below for Morrissey and a small selection of several evil people giving the V sign. Of course, Moz is not evil; we might reasonably assume that he is ironically drawing our attention to others that are.

All going well I will in in the presence of Morrissey on Saturday night at Festival Hall. I have a ticket for the floor. I also intend to be carrying blue roses. I don't expect His hand to reach out for them, as Jesse's blue roses have already satisfied the annual picking event.

Morrissey GIFs on Twitter has found another owl eyes incident: from 2004! Below is the GIF, which appears to originate from this zipped-up cardigan gig at Hultsfred in Sweden. There's a full concert video and the momentous moment happens during I'm Not Sorry, which is introduced following a monologue about Sweden's 2004 Eurovision song: thus, Morrissey makes a (pre) MW/Illuminati sign after commenting on the contemporary music scene.


  1. Love the V sign photos, and that hand jive is quite a spectacle to behold. Enjoy the show, Comrade - thanks for the update!

  2. Ah thanks, Comrade for your post of people and hand signs, and the hand sign of a sign from Morrissey. I loved the hand speech in the Tower Theatre. Hope you'll have a memorable night in Melbourne. If your rose will not be picked then be it a symbol of support.

  3. I don't feel like the BRS is dead at all. It is now established and there for all to see... if they WANT to see. In years to come, people will wonder why more weren't able to see what was right in front of their faces.

    Herpes, don't be so sure that Morrissey won't accept your blue rose in Melbourne; as we know, there are no hard or fast rules, he takes roses when he wants, and quite often when least expected.