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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Gustavo's salute

What would I notice without my BRS friends? Not much, it appears. Again, a BRS member has alerted me to "a sign".

Gustavo Manzure Jnr's backstage collapse triggered the cancellation of the Boulder gig and Morrissey took to the stage to give a heartfelt apology. On behalf of the Blue Rose Society I take this opportunity to wish Gustavo a speedy recovery and a return to full health.

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But as @girlwithout points out, there is something else happening here and that's probably only something that the BRS understands. As anyone at all familiar with the MW/BRS story knows, we believe that Morrissey is giving us signs by hand gesture. It's a game that we like to play. But lately it's also been the band members giving signs, in particular the two-fingered salute, which can be read many ways (there's nothing like plausible deniability): an innocent gesture of peace and goodwill, an "up yours", a symbol for victory, a symbol of membership of a secret society, the Master Number of 11.

So it's interesting that days after bassist Mando Lopez published a couple of Instagram photos featuring the V finger gesture (thereby following Morrissey's own Singapore V gesture), now Gustavo is photographed by Mando giving much the same gesture from his hospital bed, as posted on TTY. It could mean that he's OK. It could be a BRS sign that now the whole Morrissey Band are in on the BRS fun. Note also the Morrissey-esque the finger lingerie :)

15 November 2016
Gustavo Manzur collapsed and was hospitalized two hours before the band were due on stage at Boulder in Colorado.
Morrissey made an on stage announcement and the sell-out crowd were greatly understanding and supportive.
Gustavo is recuperating today. Doctors have advised one week of rest.

Gustavo and the band are determined to make the shows at Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago.
Photograph is by Mando Lopez

A different photo, with Gustavo giving a thumbs up, was posted on his FB page, along with a beautifully written post:

This is, perhaps, a game of ping-pong, like that played out between Morrissey and Marr. If it's not, then maybe we can make it that. I suggest that members of the BRS comment on Morrissey Band-related social media posts with a hand gesture with a reciprocating hand gesture, like this:  ✌ or ๐Ÿ‘ or ๐Ÿ‘Œ as appropriate.

Then let's see if it continues.


  1. Finger lingerie indeed, that made me chuckle. Afraid I am not one of the cool kids who does FB, IG, or whatever the latest popular social media is (doesn't seem to be twitter these days), so will just have to keep my hand gestures to myself ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Cute PJs btw

  2. I love Gus his written post on FB. So full of love.
    I had noticed it too, the different hand signs on both pictures, but wasn't sure wether or not to give it any attention as I was made to watch an image storm of kids making these same signs on Snapchat (@ girlwithout: this is THE thing to use in social media land, as far as I can tell) So has it become a clichรฉ perhaps? Or has it lost meaning but not to us) �� ��

    1. I've observed the same thing - my daughter and her friends frequently pose with the V sign in photos. Although it is rather coincidental that Moz and co have posted so many similar pics lately, it has become a very common pose. Here's hoping that Gus is getting plenty of rest and feeling much better by now.

    2. Part of the game of plausible deniability can be that of hiding in plain sight and secreting messages in the noise of everyday life and communications.

      Does it mean anything beyond a commonly made and seen gesture? Maybe only to us because we choose to see it and apply a BRS meaning or question if it is relevant to the BRS. Contexts of perception are important in determining possible meanings.