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Sunday, 13 November 2016

#MozInMelb Pt.III

Morrissey's recent visit to Melbourne keeps giving to the Blue Rose Society.

I attended Morrissey's Festival Hall concert on 22 October, 2016. My thrown blue rose was not caught etc, but you can read all about that elsewhere.

Then came the photo on bass player Mando's Instagram account wherein the trapped deer repeated the hidden eye gesture used as the profile pic on my Twitter account, whilst in my own home town. Well, that same photo has now cropped up on TTY:

Note how the trapped deer's fingers make out two 11s!

Such a little thing, but lOOk at the date. It's crucial to remember that, amid the (self) parody, concepts of hidden meanings and Illuminati signatures are vital to the MW phenomenon and to understanding the Blue Rose Society.

The TTY post is dated 11 November 2016 (11.11.16), which is quite some several days, ancient oceans and continents crossed and numerous concerts after Morrissey's visit to Melbourne where and when the photo was taken by members of his entourage. Why the delay?

11 has some kind of significance in the occult and numerology and is accepted as a sign of the Illuminati. Hence things like 9/11 and the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month (Remembrance Day, the end of the War To End All Wars (sic)) are of special significance because the 11s. I would link you through to a website that explained all this, but so far all the ones I've found are (appropriately enough) rambling word salads that leave me more exasperated than enlightened. New Age types seem to think it's a positive sign, while others think it's a sign of the AntiChrist (yet, these opposing views may not be as mutually exclusive as they seem). Enough to note that some of YouTube's brightest thinkers made a lot of the (brilliant and breathtaking) movie Arrival (that left me in Life Is A Pigsty-type tears on Saturday morning in a cinema with 3 other people) being released on 11 November 2016.

Don't forget that on 4 November, 2016, Morrissey's guitarist Jesse Tobias posted on his Instragram account a photograph on him gesturing with an (Illuminati, MW, BRS-related) V, or as I'll refer to it here, an 11.

OK, I've found a vid on the Master Number 11 (it's a visual word salad, but you can mute the sound and listen to November Spawn A Monster instead - oh, I've never thought of that song in this context before, but it's very MW, come to think of it):

By the way, I present  this comment for your imagination, as left on the 221016 Morrissey In Melbourne post on this blob:


  1. Thanks for posting again on this exciting subject. Maybe it's nothing, and we're seeing things that aren't there, or we're part of a silly game, and is something communicated? ☝

    1. It's a silly game that's more fun than a US election ☺

  2. An interesting explanation of the delay in the photograph's appearance on TTY. The 'trapped deer' makes me smile.

  3. These 11 signs go over my head. But, Comrade have you noticed the pics of Gustavo in hospital? There is a difference between the one posted on Gussie's FB and the one posted on TTY. What can it be?

  4. comrade's smile

    Antarctic ice melts

    this summer