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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Q3 mystery

I am sick and I am dull and I plain. I am slow. And I  have a poor memory.

On 27 September, 2016, TRB posted what is currently the last post of FTM. I still visit FTM occasionally, to check if there's been a new posting and to read through the comments that are still being left on that last post. Comments like this, which I read last night:

Which reminded me of something. At Morrissey's recent Melbourne concert, this happened:

I thought it a bit odd at the time, but I was in the moment and I thought I'd heard the "tell me, quando, quando, quando" lyrics in EILS before. But after seeing romina's comment, I did a bit of poking around. Turns out that there is an entire FTM post from last year about the Quando thing:

Here I must add that I'm not the only one insufficiently alert to Morrissey's BRS signs, as going back to Rat's belatedly released private posts around the time of Morrissey's Manchester concert in August confirmed that he had also missed the three quandos. While FTM noted the hand gestures and chesticular plaster, we all appear to have missed another Qx3 moment, although it was picked-up by some hack in NME and others like writers of the Black Wax blog:

It should have been for the amusement of the BRS, but we appear to have missed it. Here it is:

But here's where I'm going to introduce a twist. Maybe there's a good reason for me to have missed the significance of the Q3 lyric at Melbourne and for the BRS to ignore it at Manchester. That's because Q3 appears to be sung so often. A quick trawl through some 2016 renditions of EILS presents these moments at Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore and the Caesarea Amphitheater etc. Rat will come out of his silent stupor to correct me if I'm wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure that BRS members weren't at all these gigs. Or, is Morrissey just constantly referencing the BRS during this song, so much so that it has become the norm and passes without comment?

Maybe it's just another example of hiding in plain sight? Maybe Moz just enjoys the lyric, which means "Why, why, why" (which, of course, if also featured in IWSYIFOP). The fact that the song was originally Italian and Moz has gone through his Rome period and the Humperdink version was a single lifted off on album called A Man Without Love is enough (and it does sound quite nice, too).

I don't know where this leaves the BRS on the Q3 phenomenon, but I'm prepared to go where the evidence takes me. And it leads me now to SoLow, where Quando quando qando joined as a member in September and has been quite active:


  1. It's hard to know if Q3 is actually a nod to the BRS since, as FTM mentions, Moz used it in concert before Astra ever posted it for us. (BTW, it means 'when', not 'why'.) Nevertheless, I thank you for writing about it because I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Royce Reed video again and re-reading Astra's comment on FTM, whom I miss dearly.

  2. It does mean when! That's why TRB needs to return, to save me from numerous errors.