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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

But have I forgiven the Illuminati?

I feel like Mulder, who's just been given a tip-off by some mysterious figure whose knowledge goes deeper.

Someone calling themselves piluleli has left some interesting comments on my recent Satan rejected his soul pt.1 blob post. So, while I take a break from Maladjusted to get some sleep, get over a cold and get my research going, I'll follow up on something that piluleli mentioned.

A while back we were all-a-twitter when Our Mozzer pointed us towards some "ping pong" moments between himself and The Guitar. The I Have Forgiven Jesus video was cited in one of those discussions, where Morrissey's walk in front of a large wall was mirrored in a video by The Guitar.

But here's what piluleli had to say about the I Have Forgiven Jesus video that's prompted this post:

Also check the official video clip for "I have forgiven Jesus" at 1:34...." Do you understand ?"

And I think I do.

In fact, a lot more than just at 1.34. I have written before about hand gestures; well, watch the video and in particular, watch Morrissey's hands and you'll see for yourself.

Some of it's quite quick, so here's some screen grabs:

Left top and bottom: Morrissey is wearing two chains, each with jewelry, one a ring of some kind and the other a cross. A circle and cross together form an ankh, which is an ancient Egyptian symbol for internal life, but it can also refer to strength, power and sexual energy. It's interpretations appear to vary widely, but many websites and books list it as a Satanic symbol and it can therefore be linked to the Illuminati.

Also note that in the top left image, Morrissey is walking with a Hidden Hand.

Top and middle right: Morrissey's two outstretched fingers are forming the common The El Diablo or Sign of the Horns.

Bottom right: Here we have an OK with El Diablo, the OK circle fingers forming a 6, being a reference to the supposed Devil's number of 666.

At the end of the video, Morrissey does the Sign of The Cross. As we know, sometimes gestures have two meanings.

I think what piluleli is suggesting (and I hereby invite him to elaborate in the comments if I'm getting this wrong) is that here Morrissey is alerting us not just to child abuse by the Catholic clergy, but to deeper, secret, Satanic, Freemason and Illuminati connections. As we know from recent exposures in Australia, Ireland, Britain, America, Canada and elsewhere, there have been massive cover-ups of the children in pieces from sexual abuse by Catholic priests. This, I suggest, is what Morrissey is alluding to by his choice of hand gestures and jewelry in the I Have Forgiven Jesus video.


  1. I remember Our Mozzer alerting us to the horned hand sign in that video quite a long time ago. Thanks for pointing out some other interesting details.

    1. Sorry, but I do have a bad memory.

    2. No need to apologize - as I said, it was a long time ago.