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Saturday, 27 February 2016

OUT TO LUNCH: The World Is Full of Crashing Bores

From the oracle of TTY:

Paul Joseph Watson:
"While Morrissey and Johnny Marr once fused poetry and melodic genius to venerate Oscar Wilde. Now Nickki Minaj and Fergie fuse putrid nihilism and vacuous verbal diahhrea to venerate their asses."

Tell me I'm wrong. Get upset. Smoke and explode. Go post another countdown. But, I'm telling you, Our Mozzer is into this stuff. It is part of his world view and outsider identity and it's in his lyrics.

That, or he's just messing with our minds.

Or someone else is.

Lots of folk, actually, but I typically digress.

So, Morrissey posts a video on TTY that examines and decries the totalitarian blandness of contemporary popular music. It's an Orwellian vision. Indeed, to quote from Nineteen Eighty-Four:

But by degrees the flood of music drove all speculations out of his mind. It was as though it were a kind of liquid stuff that poured all over him and got mixed up with the sunlight that filtered through the leaves. He stopped thinking and merely felt.


The tune had been haunting London for weeks past. It was one of countless similar songs published for the benefit of the proles by a sub-section of the Music Department. The words of these songs were composed without any human intervention whatever on an instrument known as versificator.

Or, to put t another way:

and there's a song I can't stand
and it's stuck in my head
there's a song I can't stand
and it's stuck in my head


What really lies beyond the constraints of my mind?
could it be the sea?
with Fate mooning back at me?
no, it's just more lock-jawed pop-stars thicker than pig-shit
nothing to convey
so scared to show intelligence 
it might smear their lovely career


hang the DJ

Ok, enough quoting. Who is this Paul Joseph Watson? Well, until a few minutes ago I'd never heard of him. Obviously a Smiths fan. But what else?

Clue one comes at the end of the video: is a alternative news site run by Alex Jones. Jones is louder than bombs and alarmingly alarmist on stuff like GMOs, gun control, vaccination and Syrian refugees. Mr Watson is an editor and writer for Inforwars and the related PrisonPlanet.TV. He even has an article in the Uncyclopedia.

Watson appears to have a particular specialty with anti-feminist rants and claiming to be censored (although he's across Infowars, PrisonPlanetTV, Twitter and Facebook - everything but a major record label).

The narratives of Infowars/PrisonPlanet are in many ways related to the kind of conspiracies we saw from Our Mozzer's MW phenomon and fits well with TTY's infamous Monachy is Anarchy videos and some of Morrissey's more perplexing political public statements, like "I nearly voted for UKIP". Like Watson, Our Mozzer could be said to be about "Culture, controversy, contrarianism."

Oh no, I'm about to make a Maladjusted reference!


  1. Great research, Commissar Comrade. I haven't had time yet to follow all links to fully understand the irony that is dripping through, but I hope it'll dawn on me soon.

  2. Unless I'm hallucinating (which is entirely possible), I seem to recall that the MW twit account used to follow Alex Jones' account, so this connection doesn't surprise me. And yes, the conspiracy-related viewpoint of Jones' Infowars seems to be in line with the Monarchy is Anarchy videos and the MW blog, so the link between MW and Moz continues to deepen, in my deluded opinion.

  3. All is well in Sweden, thanks for shutting down the Morrissey chat and giving me my life back.


  4. What is the difference between a hippo and a Zippo ?
    One's really heavy and the other is a little lighter.

    Spending time by the pool, it has only ever been about Moz
    and the music for me.
    Always happy memories about MWorld, the chatroom and early
    days on Twitter.

    1. The above was from me, Lizzycat

    2. Good evening Mlle Liz Le Chat, I was already wondering where you had gone. Enjoy your time by the pool!