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Monday, 15 February 2016

Supreme signs

Of course there are signs, including signs on posters.

Or not (with Pagan logo).
The most recent sign that has Mozophiles, Deluded or not, a-buzz, is Supreme. You know the story and how Our Mozzer broke the news to a select few back in September (before the pictures were taken by TR in October).

Clearly not being into fashion or design, I've had to educate myself on what Supreme is (their own About page is a little scant on details) and what the Supreme X campaigns are about. T-shirts, apparently. To skate boarders. Being a remote and ignorant Antipodean, I had to ask in The Wrong Arms what White Castle is. Let's just say, I'm not the target audience of either company.

My first thought, though, was that Morrissey had sold out. Then came the dispute and I thought not. Then the fluffy rodent suggested that it was all a rouse and I was confused. A modicum of web searching and I found that the Supreme X campaigns are meant to be edgy, which only supports the cute gnawing one's theory. How edgy is a public spat with Morrissey to launch a promotion? They do appear to go out of their way to court cease and desist orders. They even have a history with... the occult.

El Supremo X 2012 Kate Moss being edgy.
Anyway, all that is mere digression. Of course, I want to be flimsy. Can Morrissey's pose tell us something; even if he claims not to have selected it? I mean, all statements on TTY are factually true, aren't they?

WebMD has a scary new entry: THREE + THREE = 6
Two eyes. Two arms. A neck. An ear or both. Maybe some prayer beads (always liked his beads, did Morrissey). Not even one watch. Fairly normal so far.

Grey hair. I've got that, so no big deal.

Some kind of ring. 

Right hand making a 6 symbol, with one horny finger pointing upwards to the heavens.

Left hidden hand.

Supreme say that " Morrissey was free to do, and pose as he wished."

Nothing to see here. Although, it will probably get whoever runs this website making an update.

It'll be bigger than Elmo.

Apparently this bloke made a skate ramp for Supreme's NYC staff.


  1. Sadly, I knew what White Castle is but not an Antipodean, so I'm probably more ignorant than you, Comrade. Anyway, it's very interesting to see that, in the Supreme X article, the Raekwon photo sports a similar hand pose to Morrissey's, and Kate Moss is making an O sign. It does seem that Moz could have been deliberately following in this vein of hand signs with his pose - quite interesting, considering that he knew this photo would be plastered around the globe. And in a similar vein, he very well could be playing the game of media fakery with the Supreme dispute.

  2. It seems like I'm the one of the only ones around here who genuinely thinks this isn't a rouse. As it is related to an animal rights concern, I do believe Moz when he says he wishes that he hadn't gotten involved with Supreme.

    1. It would appear that my last comment was removed... AGAIN! Am I banned from posting here?
      MerryAnne, Morrissey is two people; one of which you don't want to know. I am not disagreeing that Moz wishes he hadn't gotten involved with Supreme, but there is hardly an animal rights "concern". Supreme produced a line of clothing for White Castle, they aren't themselves a company abusing animals. I am sure that if Morrissey had discovered that Supreme were animal killers, this campaign would NOT be going ahead.

    2. Marianne has DMd you to explain! She's been using blogger on her mobile phone and accidently touched the screen.

  3. I've been staring at the poster for a full minute now, but I just cannot see a 6. I suppose I'm distracted by that exquisitely coloured ring.

  4. "I write these statements because there is no one else to write them. The joy I receive from such statements is non-existent."

    So there we have it on the official unofficial site. And if anybody quotes "we aren't suppose to believe all that we read on TTY" I will scream. Not everything is a game as Marianne has pointed out above. Sometimes things just go wrong and mess up.

    1. I need to add as well you can hear the anger in the whole of that TTY post. It's actually quite upsetting to read.

  5. Ok I'm going to vent all this right now! I am absolutely LIVID.
    You say Moz is two people, etc as if you understand him so well. Do you?
    Well, all of us have multiple sides, and you're about to see my pissed off side:

    I wanted to avoid drama and politely disagree above, as you saw, and I can't hold it in any longer. I thought I was being oversensitive when I felt vague disgust reading Rat's opinion on FTM, and then when I saw this post by comrade on here, again implying this was all for show - I will admit I had a very, very, very itchy trigger finger to want to delete this post. But I didn't as it's not only my place to do so, as there are multiple moderators here.

    It is, in my opinion, insulting to Morrissey, when things are at the level you could see they were with this issue, with lawyers, and yes with the involvement of a burger chain, and people still insist everything is a conspiracy.

    FFS, he is a human being with feelings and opinions and not everything is a game designed for the enjoyment of the DDD. I love the little signs, the lyric changes, the nice things he does to make us feel part of something. BUT - some issues are more serious and in those times it appears some have difficulty teasing out what is real and what is fake, or when to draw the line.

    Just as Kerry said, if I hear the "don't believe everything you read on TTY" thing I will explode!

    You may notice I removed the link from the blob in my twitter profile. This was this morning, and I hope it is temporary. Am I overreacting? I don't know. But I do know that I miss how things were. This has been in reaction to the way this recent Supreme issue has been handled by the BRS.

    "I write these statements because there is no one else to write them. The joy I receive from such statements is non-existent." - That, my friends says it all!

    Shame is absolutely the name.

    1. So you've deleted the link to here on your Twitter account, Morrissey has felt the need to respond on TTY in such an angry way, and I've just felt so exaspersted by some BRS members actions, I've lost the plot and deleted my twit account altogether. I hope some do feel the shame.

      Maybe we are too over-sensitive Marianne, but this weekend has been another low, with people trying to jump on everything and try to second guess what is happening, when actually it's been explained and is quite plain to see.

    2. Please don't forget that everyone here loves Moz. "Quite plain to see" is always kind of stretchable, it mostly depends on your view. It might differ from others.

    3. Fifi has been in The Arms this evening playing us songs. You worry too much, Morrissey is fine; private Morrissey at least. Public Moz is having a bit of a battle, but that's what he does!

    4. Don't believe everything you read on TTY 😀

    5. I don't think anyone was insisting this was a conspiracy - it was merely speculation. And I suspect that some of us may have had differing views of the hows and whys of the possible scenario. The interpretation of possible events that I envisioned in no way involved any compromise of Moz's principles, for I know that would never happen. I'm very sorry if we offended him in any way.

  6. I now see the 6, it was just a problem of perspective. I held my hand in the same position and looked at it, and there it was.

  7. It seems like recent events may have upset Morrissey along with one of your main contributors:

  8. Holy Guacamole! I had a look at this blog tonight, for the first time in ages and was terribly upset to find that it appears to have been taken over by serial killers. Or something...what happened????

    1. Serial killers? Really? Another completely irrational person. What is wrong with people?

  9. Haha! You call her irrational?