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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Satan rejected his soul pt.2

Welcome to more (possibly) flimsy interpretations of Morrissey's Maladusted album.

In our previous and initial blob part, we left off after Alma Matters, but first I want to pick-up on some additional thoughts that my final brain cells had on some of songs already addressed.

Ambitious Outsiders - updated
I was thinking about the Jimmy Savile connection and listening to the song when it struck that I heard additional "evidence" to back-up my claim concerning Savile and Top Of The Pops. What's that short, sharp sound at the start? Static! White noise, actually, I think. Like that heard on a radio or analogue TV.

A reference to the mass electronic media, which provided Savile his day job and which brought him and the dreaded Devil's music beyond the bolt-locked doors of otherwise safe and secure Lancashire homes.

And another thing:

when you are
giving, giving, giving
and we're receiving-
No, no, we're taking

But you were probably there already. Yes, giving over kiddies, but part of his scheme was to do charitable work in return for access. He was a great fundraiser. You know where I'm going with this.

Sir Jimmy with Dame Margaret, giving.

Trouble Loves Me - update
Is there a Jimmy reference or few here?

See the fool I'll be
still running 'round
on the flesh rampage
still running 'round
Ready with ready-wit
still running 'round
on the flesh rampage
-at your age!
go to Soho, oh
go to waste in
the wrong arms
still running 'round
Trouble loves me
seeks and finds me
to charlatanize me
which is only
as it should be

Sir Savile certainly was on some kind of flesh rampage  in the wrong arms and he would have been over 70 (Morrissey only 39) at the time of the song's release - at your age. Savile frequented London's Soho for trade and was a kind of court jester (aka, a Royal's professional fool). Indeed, like that song from The Court Jester, you could say that he was the Maladjusted Jester. And what does the Royal fellow in the clip below say about the lovely little wench?

Come here my child...

How could you be so ugly and as popular as Jimmy? Not just the hair, but bulgy eyes that look like their filled with that alien black oil infection from the X-Files,

Not the last to wear a Union Jack.

Wizardry? Maybe.

But what about ready wit? To quote from an article on a play about Savile:

His easy wit and rough-diamond charm made him not merely appealing but also irresistible.

As explained in the Maladjusted Jester:

Your majesty I have a confession my secret I must now betray 
I was not a born fool it took work to get this way...
She took one look at me and cried hehehehehe, he?

What else could he be but a jester...

Beyond being a jester, he was a charlatan for sure.

Just I thought I'd share.

And no, I don't think these songs are about Saint John Peel.

Damn, I should have called this series of posts the Maladjusted Jester Code.

Anyway, I'll get to part 3 and the other songs soonish.


  1. I'm not happy with you trying to link Trouble Loves Me to Savile. Trouble Loves Me is a beautiful song & nothing whatever to do with that nonce.

    1. Nobody wanted you droning on about Bowie, Jack the Ripper, Cricket, your fake Amanda Holden Twitter account, your opinions on Broken Morrissey, your opions on the rest of the BRS members, your high opinion of yourself, the list is endless... BUT YOU DID ANYWAY.

      Good work Comrade. Your time and effort on this subject is much appreciated.

    2. I'm not too thrilled about it either. This stuff is getting way too out to lunch.

      Anon Five

    3. I've been mulling this over for a while now, and - don't shoot me for this - but I do tend to agree with Rat that this interpretation of Trouble leaves me feeling uneasy.
      That being said, I suppose one thing about art is that it's open to interpretation, and can mean many different things to different people.

    4. It is disturbing, but we have been encouraged to seek and divine meaning. I do not necessarily agree with my own research or possible interpretations.

      I am sorry that I am ruining people's own relationship with some of the song's and their meanings. This is personal stuff. Ignore me.

      I shall consider my options and post a solution soon.

    5. Rat you are reaping what you have sown in the past.
      The biter, bit.
      Your own fault.


    6. MerryAnne, why oh why are you worried about agreeing with me? Stand up for your own convictions and don't be concerned by what the illiterates think.

      Lizzycat, do you really think I care what you or others think of me? No reaping or sowing or biting from me - just observation. I observed you, wrote about it, and YOU didn't like it. The truth can hurt. Don't worry about me, old thing, worry about yourself... or don't, it matters not to me.

      Prince Charming

    7. Rat, well as the saying goes " ignorance is bliss. "


    8. Then I am sure you must be extremely happy.

    9. You are SO predictable Rat, I knew that you would reply in that way.
      I actually think that you are a misogynist. ( You might need a dictionary for that word. )

    10. How lazy & unimaginative to label someone misogynistic just because it happens to be a woman who shows density. You must try harder.

    11. Be nice, kids. Poor old Ratbags can't censor any comments on this blog, it must be killing him. My dear Rat Monsieur, if you must write your opinion on people, you should at least allow them to speak and defend themselves. But on the other hand - if you hadn't constantly censored the Fruit, we probably wouldn't have TWoM now. I really can't complain.



  2. Anon One. You forgot to mention the Cocteau essays, fag-gate, sons education, dreary charts and the re-hashing EVERYTHING, EVERYONE says. Tsk Tsk.

    1. Anon Two,
      Thank you for your agreement in this serious matter. Yes I did miss those valid points. But I did mention the list is endless. I beleive there is a character limit in these comments, so had to pick some random ones to give some across the board examples.

      Speak Soon

      Anon One

    2. "Beleive"!!! No need for you to sign in with your real name, your illiteracy gives you away every time. You have shown your true colours, you nasty cunt.

    3. Joining in now, as I'm always given ze dis please of rats dictionary. It ain't me.

  3. ROTFLMAO !!

    Anon Three

  4. Ugh - these posts are clearly getting insane.

    Anon Four

  5. Maybe I am demonstrating a valuable lesson. You can read just about anything into a lyric and dredge up "evidence" to support your case.

    comrade anon

    1. There's a reason why El Moz never explains his lyrics. I'm sure he'd laugh his head AND toe off if he knew about how I interpret some of his songs.

      Anon Orange

    2. I hope he's laughing all sorts of appendages off.

      herpes anon

    3. I hadn't forgotten that I was logged in for the comment above. Really.

  6. A homeless bag-hag on all fours forlornly grunts, crawling past disordered storefronts. Scarves skirt across drudging dust as scarred hands scrape at scraps of fragrant fermenting fruit. A garbled gaze grazes the crowd as she stares at everyone and no one in a cat-eyed-craze. Vacant eyes mirror vagrant sighs whilst steel-lipped grins articulate unsaid whims. Petticoats hide barely enough to feed three, but do you wear a flask on your gartered leg for me? Under a stingy King’s sting, the petty-coated police state snags the bag-hag pinching plums to feed two broken sons. Inbred royalty pays redundant reverence to imbedded imperialist idiocy; deference to village pillages made by badly brainwashed battle-men in the depraved name of ‘brave’ defense. Is theft for the rich not theft? The world knowingly nods – or does it?

    1. Well at least a very well thought about comment. I can see why ratbags stopped anon. But anon is better than silly anonsy

    2. I create words as I type, creation is better than...,