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Friday, 25 September 2015

Black dog of depression

My colleague's daughter has been suffering from severe depression for a while now and I gave her my copy of "I had a black dog" and "Living with a black dog" by Matthew Johnstone. That event made me remember something that I had almost forgotten... In his interview with Larry King, Morrissey referred to his depression as his black dog. 

This could be a nod to writer Samuel Johnson and Winston Churchill, who used the same phrase to describe their own depression but it could also have been a not to the DDD, as I distinctly remember tweeting Our Moz the link to Matthew Johnstone's webpage 

This was quite a while ago (probably at least a year) and I can't even remember which twitter account was being used at the time. Just writing this makes it sound ludicrous but these little coincidences have simply happened far too many times over the past four years to be ignored! 

Maybe I am just deluded, but at least I know I am not on my own!

Keep l'OO'king!



  1. Thanks for this piece Sabine.

    I have noted these words on page 15 of List of the Lost " As this teasing twitter played out its daily dozen. "
    Make of that what you will........

    1. Hmm, interesting! Haven't got my copy yet but hopefully it will arrive soon!

    2. That was going to be my latest blob lizzy!

      Ah well there are a few other coincidences in the LOTL...

      I should have got the Silly Fruit to blob on my behalf!

    3. Sorry for posting this ahead of you Kerry, I was over-excited at noticing this line in the novel.
      Looking forward to seeing the other notable mentions that you have discovered.

    4. It doesn't really matter Lizzy! Was a huge sign for the DDD all the same.

      We were shocked Rat missed it on FTM yesterday...

    5. Hi girls, you're truly smart and clever..! I'm still waiting for my copy and I'm sure I'll love it. Ciao.

  2. I also suffer with my own black dog of depression. And my anxiety is my wet cat.

  3. My dog has been chasing me around a bit since I've been back home - sadly, he's a rather loyal companion of mine. I hope your colleague's daughter finds some relief. It's a very tough battle.

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