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Monday, 21 September 2015

Concert post - London, Eventim Apollo (2nd night)

Hallo again. Welcome to the last TWoM live report of Morrissey's 2015 tour! Sad, but it can't be helped, the only one of us to see more shows on this tour still refuses to purchase a smartphone or any other mobile internet device. Damn technophobes.

Here's one of the first pictures from the queue, which formed directly after (rather during) yesterday's show:

I hope Mlle M feels a bit warmer by now.

Next - news from Boozey. I'm not sure what witchcraft Monsieur Le Furball performed on her yesterday; first, he managed to make her wear a blue rose, second, she even described the whiskered one as a "very nice and pleasant gentleman" later, and third, Boozelette has decided not to booze today. Surreal.

Another BRS member that will be in the audience tonight again is Mlle EARS, this time, as usual, armed with roses:

No news yet from BBN, but I wasn't holding my breath for any updates from the lazy Monsieur anyway!

UPDATE: Queuing in the rain:

NOT boozing in the rain:

Visual proof of what I just said - that's a diet coke for Mlle, and water for Monsieur Chauffeur. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER, RAT?

Blue sky at last:

Boozey walking in:

Boozey's view:

And Mlle M's view - front row centre stage!! That was highly deserved after yesterday, where the ticket scanner didn't work at first, and she was let in later than her actual spot on the list was.

I didn't actually believe my eye, but Monsieur BBN could be bothered to give an update after all! Here's his view:

Seems like he found the other DDD one, and D:

And now, more and more known names show up! This is from Monsieur Southkirk:

Marcus the Greek is in the audience too, with currently having the best view:

Now how do we badger them all into writing a review? *note to self* Need to consult rodent later

Crowd through Monsieur Bitter Bobby's camera:

Pre-show started!

Packed house again:

No photo, but Monsieur Le Greek just spotted Gristle Bandage.

UPDATE: Setlist!

"If I made you feel second best, I'm so sorry I was blind"

1. You'll Be Gone (Elvis Presley cover)
2. Let The Right One Slip In
3. Suedehead
4. Speedway
5. Ganglord
6. Boxers

7. World Peace Is None Of Your Business 
8. Kiss Me A Lot 
9. Staircase At The University
10. Alma Matters
11. Will Never Marry (with piano intro)
12. My Dearest Love 
13. The Bullfighter Dies 
14. Oboe Concerto

(band introduction)

15. The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores 
16. Meat Is Murder 
17. Now My Heart Is Full
18. Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed
19. I Will See You In Far-Off Places 
20. Everyday Is Like Sunday 

Encore: The Queen Is Dead

Boozelette also sent "Utupou trnjto Jmtrotjy" which I haven't translated yet, but I assume it's her way of expressing that she's rapt away by the sh*ny sh*rt for the encore.

About her pictures from the encore: "I'll be blowing these up and framing them. End of UK tours. End of my favourite shirt. Sad day for me."

Now I'm sad too :-/

A bit of consolation though - seems like Mlle M managed to get some piece of the sh*ny one, and shared with Boozelette ("It's made my hand shiny")

Here's Marianne's piece, and apparantely Monsieur even shook her hand, what a fabulous way to end a Moz tour!

Boozey's pictures:

Two from the encore:

Marcus' pictures:


  1. I hope he wears my favourite shirt tonight. I've stayed sober so I can appreciate it's beauty.

  2. I've been refreshing this page 571 times to see more new updates.

    1. Hi Yunara! I was away for a while but so far nobody sent new pictures anyway... I guess next update will be in approximately 40 minutes, after doors. Crossing my fingers that everyone gets a good spot.

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  5. Don't know why that posted THREE times. Strange

  6. Aw...looks like you've all got great positions tonight; I'm so very pleased for you all!

  7. This is the most I've ever contributed and I'm exhausted

    1. Better stop now, I don't want you to collapse during the show, taking three pictures AND sending them is much more than any of us would ever had hoped for!

  8. The DDD knew that Boxers would be played.

  9. I am now. I am now. I AM NOW!!!
    No longer SAD. Thanks to the beautiful Marianne.

    Thank you. You've mad me cry! Happy tears. Just about breathing. Vision still blurred.

    Best concert EVER.
    Dave enjoyed it so much he agreed to see Moz abroad if he carries on. South America in November/December? I'm costing it up when we get back in Cheshire.

    Thank you Morrissey. I'm don't like to fawn. But I can't help it. You mean the world to me! *boxers*

    1. I nearly cried when I saw your tweet. This is just amazing!!!

    2. I know. I'm overwhelmed. I've not stopped crying.

      Thank you to everyone reading this too! Hopefully some ofyou can update us very soon!

    3. You SO deserved a piece of your favourite shirt! <3 Mine has already been put into a ziploc bag - but I can't stop taking it out and smelling it. My queue friend from Japan actually caught it and cut me off a piece.

      Morrissey touching my hand made me so happy I cannot even put into words. I'm crying too! THREE "O" symbols too! I am still in shock - what a gorgeous night!

    4. I kissed my hand right after he touched it <3

    5. I kissed your right hand after he touched it too!!!

      You where lucky I didn't lick it!


  11. Nothinngg but warm felt smiles for you both, I KNOWOW ! the feeling. too well actually... I FELT IT TOO!i!i

  12. Books end, Legends do not.