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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Concert post - London, Eventim Apollo (1st night)

Good day. As there's already considerable activity at the venue in Hammersmith, I thought I could as well start blogging. Yes, you're stuck with the dreary Fruit again.

This might turn out to be interesting to report on, as there'll be an unusual amount of well-known names in the audience tonight, including BRS members, DDD members, ex members, and a rodent.

The first one to arrive at the venue was our resident insomniac Mlle M at around 6 a.m. this morning, after being ripped out of her well-deserved sleep as the fire alarm in her hotel went off, allegedly caused by two teenagers smoking pot in their shower. But at least this saved Mlle M a spot on the list at #41, although drama has already started, as it seems that there are now two lists (UPDATE: No drama. According to M, the first 50 people get wristbands and walked in, so I assume the second list was started for the rest of the queue). Here's M's picture of the venue:

Always a pleasure to spot this bus:

Mlle Boozelette and her chauffeur aren't on their way to the venue yet, as they don't intend to queue, but my guess is that Mlle will turn up shitfaced 10 minutes after doors open, stumble inside the hall and magically appear front row centre stage, only to give up her spot to have another drink before she secures herself a nice cozy place at the barrier Jesse side. Maybe not, London isn't Plymouth... Right now, Boozey B, Bitter B, and D enjoy some drinkles in the sun at the Thames:

While one part of Moz fans queued up at the Eventim Apollo, a second queue had formed at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home this morning, to check out the Mporium pop-up shop, and to hopefully grab one of the very limited signed vinyls (picture stolen without permission from

On popular demand, here's the first pictures from the hairy-b*cked pest on his pilgrimage to London. Current location: Waterloo Station (in case you're keen on an autograph).

UPDATE: The Rodent Monsieur strolling around the area:

Meanwhile, Mlle M spotted a second bus:

UPDATE: Mlle Boozelette and her manservants are on their way to meet up with Le Raton - so there's either lachrymose scenes of hugs and kisses to come, or some people might be decorated with face lingerie later...

Monsieur Rodent already arrived - dressed to the nines. "I'm a Sol man, de de der, de de der"

Switching back to the venue - the queue is getting longer and longer behind Mlle M:

Boozelette and Bitter Bob arrived at the pub. So far, they still look happy:

Earlier in the park today - getting tossed around again. Typical! I didn't ask what they did to those poor oranges later and I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

First impressions from the annual 2015 Blue Rose Society meet-up; a major success so far. The picture is a bit blurry, but I think one of them is just eating a blue rose. And is that a rose on that... lamp (?)... too?

The r*t-shaped b*****d managed to bully Bitter Bobby into wearing a blue rose. Maybe alcohol was involved, too.

UPDATE: Alcohol WAS involved. Otherwise it's impossible to explain the following picture... Monsieur Rat, you succeeded where I failed. Badgering people to death DOES work!

The Blue Rose brigade (that's the Furball and his two freshly recruited rookies) made it to the venue...

... while Mlle M is already in the building! Second row, Jesse side:

Lovely blue light from the ceiling - this venue really looks appropriate for Old Mozza, after melting that ice rink recently:

Here's Boozelette's current view:

And another view from Mlle EARS, who is without a rose this time - but it can hardly be held against her that the Hull blue rose didn't stay alive long enough, and London flower shops in the area are probably still trying to surf the gladioli wave.

Bright smile from Boozelette before pre-show - blue flowers on her blouse, blue flowers in her hair...

Mr Rat Sir's current view. I have no doubt that the shifty rodent will scuttle to front row in no time, while simultaneously forcing convincing everyone along the way to bring a blue rose for tomorrow's show:

What did I just say? Boozelette and Rattelette are now three people behind Mlle M, having successfully bullshitted their way through the crowd ("Must reach my little niece, she has no phone with her!!")

UPDATE: Setlist!

"I give you my life!"

1. Suedehead
2. Alma Matters
3. Speedway
4. Ganglord
5. Staircase At The University
6. Kiss Me A Lot
7. World Peace Is None Of Your Business
8. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
9. Istanbul

"I hope Jeremy Corbyn does not go to Buckingham Palace and does not kneel before the Third Reich!"

10. The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
11. I'm Not A Man

(band introduction)

12. The Bullfighter Dies
13. Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed
14. Yes I Am Blind (with piano intro)
15. Oboe Concerto
16. I Will See You In Far-Off Places
17. Meat Is Murder
18. You'll Be Gone (Elvis Presley cover)

... and then the power was gone...

"Can you hear me now? It's a conspiracy! It's Buckingham Palace! They're gonna get me! And I'm not kidding either!"

19. Everyday Is Like Sunday

"Part two, Battle of Britain, tomorrow!"

Encore: What She Said/Rubber Ring

Pictures from Boozelette:

Mlle managed to catch a plectrum that was thrown by Monsieur Jesse earlier in the set:

First tweet from El Rat after the show: "Rose didn't make the stage but I got over barrier & got a handshake. What a show"

Finally, years after having touched the Mozziah's left knee, he made it!

Meanwhile, people are already queuing up for tomorrow's show:

Tomorrow's list, minutes after the show has ended... (Thanks @ModernMorrissey)

It's either queuing or after-show... Furball at Duke of Cornwall pub:

Final UPDATE: Moz in that fetching turquoise shirt (Boozey's 2nd favourite?) plus band. Good night.


  1. looking forward to the reports, but as for losing your place once inside.. well to be honest, as long as it was for a matter of life and death reason i.e. popping off to the bar, I reckon that is just fine

  2. Thanks for the updates - this is such a fantastic idea for those of us who can't make it!

  3. I enjoyed readinggg this. . .. so X-ter-XCITEDDD for you guys !! ! ! Enjoy, NVM DON'T..... Embrace the show !
    OHhhh .. and seeing these new picpics. . I might just hafta reedit my vid to include tthesese! Boozelette, you look so cutiecuteeeeeecutesey with the blue rose in your hair !! LOVE IT !

  4. Good job, Orange. What a show.... WHAT A SHOW!

    1. It's with great regret that I must report that Rat is actually not as bad as I thought..

    2. I'm going to miss Ratbags tonight.

  5. I am on a very short break picking things up from my hotel to take back to queue. I feel a little sad about how tonight's show went for me because this woman behind me started pushing me before the videos even started, then when Moz came on she became quite violent and she had me pinned so hard I couldn't breathe at all and it felt like my ribs were going to explode (to put it politely she wasn't exactly small). I feel embarrassed now because I started swearing for security to come over and Moz looked over and saw me swearing and nearly fainting from pain and I hate to think of him seeing me like that.
    She was dreadful and hurt Boozey a bit too, then chucked a book onstage at Moz, thankfully it didn't hit him, then ended up fainting after two songs anyway - good riddance that she had to be hauled out anyway. I was in tears about it all. I do expect roughness in the front rows and actually like my bruises, aches etc but this was on a different level.
    Anyway, I'm hoping tomorrows show goes better for me. I was in a good place view-wise at least.
    Back to queue - which I enjoy although this will be my first all nighter - PLEASE keep your fingers crossed I can get barrier tomorrow.
    Sorry I didn't manage any photos as my arms were pinned in various positions for most of the night lol.

    Thanks for keeping everyone up to date, this is really fantastic!

    1. sounds. .. . . horrifying. I'm sorry YOU HAD THAT experience, I can imagine the pain you must have felt, OUCHHHH. It wouldha broughht me to tears tooto o o )': HOWEVVVVVER..... happiii :D to hear you didn't have to put up with it for lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. I do hope 2nite goes betteRRR for uuu.

  6. People actually left the show early to queue up for today. Morrissey as caused mass hysteria with that TTY statement.
    Last night was so good. Really good. Manic but not as rough as Hull. Very easy to get forward too.

    Rat, well Rat is actually a very nice and pleasant gentleman. Who'd have thought?

    Thoughts are with the beautiful Marianne queueing. Hope she is ok.

  7. The blog has really come into its own with the concert reports. Well done to everyone !
    This is how a Morrissey site should be.
    As you can imagine I am otherwise engaged at the moment, but keep an eye when I can.
    Enjoy the show tonight, wish I was going. Love and light to Morrissey.

  8. Thanks to all that have put their time into writing, sending pics and info over for this review again! I really enjoy reading these! Good luck to Marianne today! Anyone else going tonight?

  9. Thanks everyone, for continuing do to this; it's just great! It's surely helping for with my misplaced twinkle :) X

  10. Thanks, it is great fun to report and I'll happily do it again one last time tonight. And now off to find out what the London DDD are up to at the moment.