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Friday, 18 September 2015

Concert post - Hull Arena

Here we go again - Morrissey's second date of his short (but hopefully not last) UK tour happens today in the City of Kingston upon Hull; home of cream telephone boxes and future UK City of Culture.

*** Brought to you by Mlle Boozelette, broadcast by Silly Fruit ***


UPDATE: "Past the Sc**thorpe turn off..."

No surprises so far: "Bit of traffic in Hull. 5 minutes to the hotel. Which I hope has a well stocked bar! Weather: shit."

 Some carparks are lower than others :-/

More bad news: "I've done a rat and forgotten my toothbrush"

UPDATE: Preventing dehydration at the show. Very responsible, as usual.

Old Mozza's mobile home just went past!

Now parked outside the venue:

List of prohibited items... includes inflatables, specifically beach balls (as if people would ever bring such crazy stuff to a Morrissey show!). Also, no bicycles or scooters inside the venue please.

Pre-show drinkles... those teeth look shinier than Moz's sh*rts! 

First hurdle taken - the DDD brigade made it safely inside the venue. Boozey + The Guy Who Always Gets Sent To Buy Booze (TGWAGSTBB) ended up THIRD row centre stage, apparently behind the Bitter Boring Bitchy guy's cousin; location of a certain Canadian Mlle and BBB fellow still unclear.

While we're waiting for more updates (which might be difficult as Boozey's phone reception keeps coming and going) - it turned out that Bitter Bobby's cousin is actually "wpeace123456", the one who made one of the World Peace Is None Of Your Business videos as mentioned on TTY! I guess BBB was just TOO LAZY to mention it before.

UPDATE: Pre-show started! And apparently people had to put all their belongings into plastic bags. Don't ask me why, I'm just reporting.

Mlle Canada's view on the stage:

UPDATE: Setlist!

1. Suedehead
2. Alma Matters
3. Speedway
4. Ganglord
5. Staircase At The University
6. Kiss Me A Lot

 (Boozey's comment: "It's mayhem. Loads of psychos.")

7. World Peace Is None Of Your Business
8. Istanbul
9. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris

10. The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores

(band introduction)

11. Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed
12. I'm Not A Man 
13. The Bullfighter Dies
14. Yes I Am Blind (with piano intro)
15. Oboe Concerto 
16. Meat Is Murder 
17. Smiler With Knife 
18. Everyday Is Like Sunday 
19. I Will See You In Far-Off Places 

Encore: What She Said/Rubber Ring

First pictures from Boozelette:

From Mlle M:

Many thanks again to the fabulous Boozelette for keeping us updated - and especially for that stunning last picture. The sh*ny sh*rts may finally grow on me!

 And the rhythm of life goes round:

P.S. This is just too good not to share, the troubles of getting out of that sh*ny b*****d:

Ein von @lauren_knighttt gepostetes Video am


  1. Safe travels and lots of fun today and tonight!

  2. I have decided to post on here for the first time. This live update with photos is a SUPERB idea - well done Kerry the Cocktail.

    Ps Congratulations on the site, it is, at last, a genuine alternative to Solow. If only you could have someone report from EVERY concert.

    1. Don't forget to thank the Silly Fruit for taking the time to post!

  3. Pps The mention and photo of the Scunthorpe turn-off have made my day.

    1. Rat, I've done a you and forgotten my toothbrush! Luckily in the establishments I stay they provide complementary ones...

    2. If you are angling for a toothbrush sharing mention during the encore, then it is a cheap shot.... but it might just work. Can you imagine 'Toothbrush 2' ?

  4. Warm welcome to the f*rry p*st. I'm going to delete all your comments unless you demonstrate a BURNING DESIRE to present Morrissey with a blue rose (that includes bringing your own taxi and ladder to make it on stage).

    1. Prove I ever said that. Go on, prove it. I DEMAND proof. Touché, Ch*ckster.

    2. I *demand* that you first prove that Ch*ck ever asked for proof.

      P.S. Bad news, seems like all inflatables are banned!

      P.P.S. FTM Day 1334

  5. No bicyles allowed inside the venue? That's me banned then! Lol!

  6. I am amazed by how technology allows us to communicate our experiences online in just a matter of minutes. I'm so many miles away and yet it feels as though I was in the pit amd we were side by side. So thanks to everyone who posted for dragging us along.

  7. that boozy thing is a bigger lush than me, great work though, sadly it is all about to end with that announcement about touring, it mentions the UK but the rest will surely follow in good time

    1. The songs are his life, presenting them on a stage is his life, and he looks and sounds better than ever, so why stop now. I refuse to believe that he's retiring, because it gets in the way with my happiness. In the end we can't change what's going to happen, and yes, one day he'll stop, but I see no point whatsoever in panicking or fanning fears now.

    2. I am not sure whether to believe it either - after all, what gets posted on TTY isn't always true and lying can be quite useful. I understand that he is angry with the record companies but surely his fans have been loyal over the years?! This would be punishing them! If and when the time comes, I would certainly hope for a proper farewell tour...

  8. I'm glad finger cymbals and finger drinkles aren't on the Prohibited List!

  9. Ha! Thank goodness! Great effort again boozey-poo's; those are some cracking photos!