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Thursday, 17 September 2015

List of the Lost - Sneak peek

This will only be a short blob, as I'm still processing Boozey's Plymouth review, I can't take it all in and I've already read it four times!

So - List of the Lost. Along with the announcement of the publishing date came a short synopsis, which left some of us quite excited:

"List of the Lost is the reality of what is true battling against what is permitted to be true". Naturally, our eye(s) are focussed on the whole signs/coincidences madness of Blue Rose, but that's exactly what happens. MW and BRS were dismissed by most people from the start, and so few could be bothered to take a closer look. The rest just doesn't allow it to be true that Old Mozzer might have one or three fingers in the pie, and their opinion in most cases is based on - nothing.

Then, an hour ago, a little sneak peek popped up in my Twitter timeline:

I'm sure we have all noticed the mention of a certain colour. Again, this might just be the silly fruit's tunnel vision, but I'm getting more excited for the book by the hour; not necessarily because there might be parallels to Blue Rose, although that would be quite intriguing. The "no use for tomorrow" feeling of that short paragraph is precisely what I feel at the moment.

And taking things really too far now, I just can't resist: "What did you think before you were aware?" (... that Monsieur is and has always been Blue Rose's chairman). Could it be possible that with List of the Lost, finally, 'time WILL tell'? Anyway, regardless of what we expect from it, it will be completely different for sure. Or not.

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  1. The "What did you think before you were aware" bit grabbed my attention.

    One week today and by now I hope to have read it.